My Doctor Knows Best

by The Discovering Alcoholic on August 18, 2007

After many years of making a living with my chiseled profile and rock hard body it was with no little consternation that I went to the doctor with a problem that most likely would require facial surgery. Only one part of that sentence is true, but now that I got your attention let me tell you why my doctor knows best when it comes to taking care of necessary unpleasantness.

I’ve had a bump on my neck for several months now deep under the skin. I assumed it was a cyst and did not get overly concerned until it became noticeable and uncomfortable. I went to my doctor of many years and she quickly confirmed that it was nothing detrimental to my health, but it would have to be excised. Now before I could even figure out what the definition of excise was, she already had her assistant lie me back while she shot my neck up with a local. She had removed the cyst in less than a few minutes and if not for the “wow, that’s bleeding a lot” comment it would have been virtually stress and pain free.

She didn’t give me time to worry or stress about hypodermic needles and scalpels in my neck. She assessed the situation, saw what was necessary, and carried through with the procedure quickly and with little fanfare. No dramatics, stress, or indecision on my part because she didn’t allow it. Wham. Bam. Thank you, mam.

I started thinking about this and realized this was the same way I had completed my first year of sobriety. I really didn’t know what recovery was, but I so wanted sobriety. I was exhausted from trying to do it on my own and decided to just listen to what the people at rehab and AA said and just follow orders. So I did it all. Rehab. Outpatient. Ninety meetings in ninety days. Then for the next year I worked my steps, worked my job, and paid my dues and made amends. Didn’t think about what I was doing or where I was going. I just didn’t drink and I did what I was told.

And it worked.

I don’t know when I really lost the desire to drink or when I started working my own program. I just know one day I woke up and no longer was it a battle to stay sober. I had got past just not drinking, and had started worrying about living again.

If you have are struggling with your sobriety, take your cue from the good doctor. Just take your medicine quickly and get it over with. Don’t worry about the when, how, and why… just do it.

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