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by Screedler on March 27, 2013

Many thanks to filmmaker and kindred spirit Anthony Haden Salerno for sharing this with us here at TDA.

LAPSE – A Film By Anthony Haden Salerno from Anthony Haden Salerno on Vimeo.

A short film that can perhaps only fully be appreciated by us.  And by us, I mean everyone whose gone through the storm of addiction.  It’s certainly open to interpretation, but my take was one of resentments and redemption.  If I were to describe it in one word, it would be haunting.   The movie struck a chord with me that only one other has done before, and that one sit’s atop my list of the best ever.  High praise, you bet, but it nails the horror I experienced in cubicle land and the helplessness I felt in my relationships.  The sneaking, the blowups, the terror, are all here.  Things I don’t like to think about, but serve as a reminder to stay on this course of sobriety.  If you think that no one understands what your going through or went through; this is proof that some do, and that there is hope.

TDA had 3 questions for Anthony, which he gladly answered:

1.  How do you know the subject material so well?

I am no stranger to the darkness and what it truly takes to recover and stay recovered.  Most of my life was spent in pursuit of or retreat from the unreal.  Ruled by fear, anger, and substances for more than two decades, my life was no life at all… A shadow of an existence, a shell of a person. Eventually I came face to face with what was clearly the End and I was forced to choose:  Embrace or be Crushed.  I chose to Embrace, though at times it felt like I was not the one deciding anything!

2.  What inspired you to do the film on this subject?

I was compelled to make this film because, quite honestly, I was unable to do anything else until this story, this experience was shared and in a way, shed.  LAPSE is a reflection of my own life:  literal, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.  I wanted to share with the world that no matter how dark life can become there is always light to be found.  In my case I had to accept my part in my own darkness, accept that it is only a part of who I am, not all that I am.  This small but profound realization is what tethered me to real recovery.

3.  What is next in the pipeline?

Next up are two projects.  The first is a series of short documentaries following individuals devoting themselves to the wellbeing of others (both human & animal).  The second is a feature film about facing the real and imaged demons of post traumatic stress disorder.

We hope you will take the time to watch and leave us a comment or review, and look forward to seeing more works by the filmmaker.  What’s your take on LAPSE?

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1 Tara March 31, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Wow..hard to watch but so amazing. The horror of his life was so real and took me back to the insanity that was in my own head. Brilliantly accurate life of an addict.


2 Jeff Howell March 28, 2013 at 9:13 pm

This resonated with me. Good stuff. I enjoyed your top 10 list. I went from here to there, back and forth.


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