Modern Day Moonshine

by The Discovering Alcoholic on September 9, 2008

Modern Day Moonshine

While there are certainly holdouts in Appalachia and other rural areas, for the most part moonshine (homemade, non-taxed alcohol) as big business has been killed off by cheap retail alcohol. In its heyday, moonshiners would add kerosene or isopropyl to give their distillate a signature kick and often accidently added lead or glycol using old radiators in the production… any of these could be deadly. Third world moonshiners still distribute their deadly drink sometimes with ghastly results, just this year over 110 people were killed in India by tainted liquor.

Many old-timers believed if the shine burned blue it was pure.

This led to the phrase: “Lead burns red and makes you dead.” and “what burns blue will make your blues go away”. These tests are NOT reliable to test the purity of moonshine or other distilled alcohol, since the flame test, while able to detect fuel oils, does not detect methanol. ~ Wiki

Obviously this test left much to be desired as a true measure of safety, but there was at least a thread of logic in its origin. There’s not much worry over bootleg alcohol these days in the US, but drugs sold over the internet bypassing regulation and scrutiny are the modern moonshine and just as dangerous. Professional but misleading graphics and bogus safety statements served up by hijacked servers lull consumers into a false sense of security much more convincing than the old blue flame when it comes to ingesting drugs bought over the internet.

Four students at Council Rock High School North in Newton, Penn., believed to be under the influence of an herbal supplement, were taken to a local hospital Monday, authorities said. School administrators said they confiscated a package of small, pink pills called “SNURF” that were apparently purchased over the Internet. Newtown police are now analyzing the pills.FoxNews

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Drugs sold over the internet are not only dangerous because they may contain poisons or contaminants, but many are also counterfeit not providing any of the desired properties when taken for what may be a life threatening condition. My advice, do your research before you buy drugs over the internet and always ask your pharmacist first. And those of you out there looking for illicit drugs just remember that it is always easy to scam someone who does not have the recourse of contacting the authorities in a deal gone bad. For those that insist on trying, hopefully you will only lose your money instead of your health or even your life.

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