Is This Rock Bottom?

by Screedler on April 12, 2016

Probably not, but I can hope.  The poor guy may never live this one down, as the sleuths of the internet have already figured out where the picture was taken.  They have also deduced that he is a Jimmy Buffet fan, based on his shirt adorned with parrots.  Lucky for him, someone blurred out his face.

I am grateful that cell phones with cameras were not in everyone’s pocket when I was drinking.

pisstrough guy

Being from the South and knowing some of these types; I can appreciate one commenter’s humorous/offensive take – however they are not all like this:

Now, you might know frat dudes, but if you’re not from the South you may not be familiar with a very special brand of frat dude that we grow down here. Imagine all the worst cliches of obnoxious muscle-headed frat guy behavior and then filter that through all the worst cliches of Confederate flag-wavin’, NASCAR-lovin’, pickup truck-drivin, drawl-speakin’, nouveau-riche redneckery. South Carolina frat culture is the cesspool whose greatest contribution to the world thusfar has been Hootie and the Blowfish. Well, at least up until now. Now we have them to thank for both Hootie AND piss-trough guy.

Via Dangerous Minds via Barstool Sports . 

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1 Mark April 14, 2016 at 10:26 pm

That is pretty bad. Really bad.

My friends and family took pictures of me in some pretty compromising conditions and places. This was all pre digital camera and easy uploads to the internet. In those days I think modem speeds were still at around 14400 kbs. Anyway, this guy wins the prize for Most Humiliating.

Anyway, I thought I would comment because I used to be a big Jimmy Buffet fan. I was probably 14 when I heard the “You Had To Be There” tapes. Back when not many people knew who he was and the only thing the radio played of him was Margaritaville. Anyway, I was hooked. His singing complemented my already established habit of drinking. I loved Jimmy (I guess I still do) but I don’t listen to him. He is the one thing I think would give me a permissive enough attitude to drink. I don’t avoid any of the other things I associated with drinking, but Buffet I do.

I think you are right, this could be rock bottom but it probably isn’t. When I was his age a picture of me looking like this would have prompted more drinking and a bunch of excuses to minimize my culpability in the whole affair.

Thanks for the post Gavin. It’s always a pleasure.


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