Might as Well Call it Alcoball

by The Discovering Alcoholic on February 9, 2010

After commenting earlier in the week on this Jon Paul Morosi story, I thought everyone might to check out this link to another story on the subject of alcohol and sports.

Alcohol was not all fun-and-games, however. Players overindulged before, during and after games. The scourge of alcoholism consumed the game. Owners tried shadowing their players off the field by hiring Pinkerton detectives. Some offered bonuses to those players who quit. Beer and other spirits, however, took their toll. ~ Huffington Post

Even though the current buzz is rightly so 24/7 Super Bowl related, this article concentrated on the link between baseball and alcohol offering a good mix of historic and contemporary support. After reading it, I’m surprised that sport wasn’t renamed alcoball back around the turn of the 20th century.

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