Michael Jackson Autopsy Results will be Bad!

by The Discovering Alcoholic on June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Autopsy Results will be “Bad” at The Discovering Alcoholic

Secretive and elusive, facts about Michael Jackson have always been few and far between. I do not expect anything less when it comes to the true cause of his death, but considering his past history with hypochondria and drug abuse of Valium, Xanax, and Ativan- odds are he self medicated himself to death.

My prediction on the autopsy results today will be that he died of cardiac arrest due to vague complications. Of course it will be spin; they might as well announce that he died of death since the definition includes a stopped heart. It will take weeks before toxicology results are released that I predict will show the true pharmaceutical reason for his untimely death- and they will be released quietly with little fanfare.

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I consider this bad because it is not just family, business concerns, and fans protecting the memory of an American icon (a poor choice in my opinion), but instead standard of procedure in dealing with almost all repercussions of drug and alcohol abuse. The student doesn’t party himself out of school, he drops out. The businessman doesn’t drink his business into the ground, he goes bankrupt. Drugs don’t become between husband, wife, and family- they have irreconcilable differences. Rarely does our society want to put two and two together to see how closely related drugs and alcohol are related to the greatest tragedies. Prescription drug abuse has become even a greater problem because of the doctor approved status- it’s becoming epidemic.

No doubt some rabid fans will attack my post on the subject for rumor mongering a celebrity death, but I feel it is for a good cause not to mention the fact that the man was an intentional rumor mill when alive. Just wait for his will and the potential storm over what is to be done with his remains!

There was a time when I enjoyed his music, Thriller was no doubt a historic album made so not only by Jackson, but also by contributions from Quincy Jones, Eddie Van Halen, and Paul McCartney. Then he fell off the deep end. Neverland Ranch and spiked kiddie wine coolers are not the stuff a good legacy makes, and I refuse to mourn someone I did not personally know with this kind of history regardless of his charitable contributions.

So to those that wish to complain about my admittedly heartless thoughts on Jackson’s death, I say beat it!

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