Medical Marijuana: The Brick and Mortar Gateway Drug

by The Discovering Alcoholic on October 11, 2010

With the push for the legalization of marijuana and such legislation as California’s Prop 19 moving past the mostly accepted wink-wink-nudge-nudge-medical-use to the presently debated tax-and-regulate argument, the past success of pot proponents may actually become the biggest hurdle to further approval.

In the past, advocates have claimed the opposition’s position on marijuana as a gateway drug to more harmful drug use and collateral criminal activity is a strawman argument based on dated Reefer Madness scare tactics and misinformation, hysteria instead of facts. Pardon the pun, but those in support of this issue took a hit this month when five medical marijuana dispensaries were busted for selling cocaine and meth.

The raids happened at five medical marijuana clinics, two processing sites, a grow site, seven residences and a sailboat in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties. Authorities were targeting a group making and selling cocaine, meth and marijuana at medical marijuana dispensaries, Capt. Ralph Ornelas said. ~ KTLA News

Claims that it is a house built of straw go up in smoke, the argument that cannabis is a gateway drug is rapidly becoming a demonstrable fact as the doors to the brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensaries open up to a slippery slope of criminal activity and hard drugs. If the supposedly highly informed, well regulated, and good intentioned medical marijuana dispensaries are so easily perverted, what chance will the very impressionable and inexperienced young people have in these same areas?

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1 joe snuffy June 18, 2011 at 11:34 pm

So what. Every tree has a few bad apples. If people want to do it they will. Medical Marijana is a great thing that helps people with cancer, cronic pain, migrains ect. the list goes on and on and keep people away from the harmful addictions of Opiates. You cant judge a small amount or maybe just one bad network of individuals. Legalization is a good thing to be able to fully root out the cartels. Hell if people are gonna do it the will do it. Obviously the U.S. Government has a large interest in the drug trade as has been well documented. But so many people are so stupid to think that the real cartel starts with people like our own government forcing people to use more addictive substances like Opiates to treat cancer and pain. Individuals should be able w/o a doubt cultivate there own Cannibis for multiple uses for there own use. Someone tell me if you wish why the hell not and if so why does it matter. U.S. just cant stand it not to make money off of drugs like they have off every other drug sold it your local drug dealers in your doctor and drug stores. I rest my case


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