McNair Dead, Drunk: Would He Have Seen it Coming Sober?

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 20, 2009

McNair Dead, Drunk at The Discovering AlcoholicOne need not be a prognosticator to divine alcohol’s lead role in violence, crime, and accidents, but I am going to say I told you so anyway. Toxicology reports from Steve McNair murdered a few weeks back by his mistress showed he was at least twice the legal limit for intoxication at the time of his death. There is no real way of knowing how drunk and more importantly stupid he was before he fell asleep/passed out.

Drunk and stupid usually run hand in hand, but stupid is the key in this case because you have to wonder how many signs McNair missed that his mistress was becoming a bunny boiler. A man that made millions with his superb situational awareness and ability to read defenses- was whacked by a deranged teenager because he went on a week long bender. Now that’s a legacy! No doubt this one belongs in the alcoholic playbook, for all the opportunities missed, and worse, all the warning signs ignored by those to drunk to notice.

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