Making Happiness Happen and a Flaming Eclipse

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by Screedler on May 20, 2012

Tonight, a small portion of America got to see a rare solar eclipse in which the moon blotted all but a glowing ring of fire from our sun.  The rest of the country got to experience varying degrees of the eclipse, with Alabama getting just a sliver of moon on the sun as it set for the evening.  

Those lucky enough to be in our state’s beautiful Gulf Shores got to experience something a little different.  An enhanced solar eclipse.  Enhanced by The Flaming Lips.  They were the headliners to this last night of the Hangout Festival, three days of music,sun, and fun on the beach.  I wasn’t there, but they streamed it live on MySpace, so as the clouds blocked out my chance for an in person viewing of the celestial event; I streamed The Flaming Lips live on my TV through my computer as they played Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” in it’s entirety, timed to end with Brain Damage/Eclipse as the sun and eclipse set on Alabama.  It was surreal and so cool.  

Here’s TFL’s leader Wayne Coyne on his theory of happiness, which I endorse wholeheartedly.

Here’s them playing said song at another venue; some day I hope to see them in person.  Tonight they helped me make a little happiness – my own.

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