Adding It Up: FDA Favors Prohibition

by The Discovering Alcoholic on November 13, 2009

FDA FAvors Prohibition at The Discovering AlcoholicIf you take this news story:

KFOX uncovered new details about a three-car crash that killed four people in far east El Paso early Thursday morning, including why police believe Michael Fraley, 21, was driving drunk when the crash occurred. ~

And then consider this recent news as reported by the Wall Street Journal:

The Food and Drug Administration is taking aim at caffeinated alcoholic drinks, saying it will pull them off the market unless manufacturers can prove the beverages are safe to drink… The FDA’s action came after 18 state attorneys general sent a letter to the agency in September, raising concerns that the drinks appeal to young people and can foster drunk driving and other risky behavior. ~ ~ Wall Street Journal

Obviously, I did not have to do much research at all to prove that just regular alcoholic beverages (no caffeine necessary) are being consumed by young people who then act in an irresponsible and sometimes deadly manner. So adding news story (1) + news story (2), the logical conclusion should be that FDA should first consider banning all alcoholic drinks.

news story (1) + news story (2) = prohibition

Now that’s some sobering math!

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