Letters from Hell – Redux

by Screedler on July 18, 2010

The Letters From Hell series written by guest poster Screedler were the most visited and read posts of the old Drupal powered TDA. Unbeknowst to me, the links to this series were broken in my switch to a WordPress platform so to make up for it I will post the whole series again one new one per day.

It’s been a while since I posted a Letters from Hell. This letter was not included in the original series, as it had been lost. It was found underneath the cushion of a sofa at a relative’s house last week. It would have originally fallen in between Parts 11 and 12; so I guess I could have named this Part 11.5.

Please click here to read all the other installments of the series. Just to catch people up who are new to the site – I spent 76 days in a correctional facility the summer before last as a direct result of my alcoholism. These are the letters I wrote to my family while there. Moral of the story – stay clean and stay out of jail – it’s not fun.

June 21, 2006

Dear Everyone,

Two days have passed since I last sat down to write. Things are okay, I have been thinking about my situation more than usual, which tends to make me more depressed than usual. It’s hard for me to keep my mind off worrying when there is so little to do here. I almost welcome the fighting, stealing, and scheming that go on around here as a diversion.

The book I am reading is very good, however it’s a two parter and I only have part one. I have requested part two, but I am doubtful that they have it. I will certainly get it when I get out.

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June 23, 2006

Well, I must take back what I just stated above. I was robbed again. It made me so upset that I physically got ill. I got an upset stomach and a headache that lasted a full 24 hours.

The incident happened the night of the 21st. I had left my bunk to go down to the day room to watch “Jurassic Park” on TV. By day room, I just mean the common area where we eat and have visitation. I was excited about watching the movie because me and a fellow inmate had an argument about that very movie last week. He believed that Kirsten Dunst was the little girl in it and went to great lengths to convince me of this. So when we found out it was coming on we made a bet on it. A pack of delicious “duplex” (chocolate and vanilla) cookies. After watching the movie for about an hour; I came back up to my bunk for a much anticipated snack (Almond Joy bar). To my surprise my snack was gone. As well as several other items.

I was so mad I immediately blew up; screaming obscenities at all my cellmates and demanding that the culprit step forward. I was ready to go to solitary confinement (seg). I did not care at this point. One of my cellmates fingered a new guy in our cell when no one was looking. Hot, I had to think about what I wanted to do. Report him to the guards like a snitch or challenge him. In the meantime, word got around the cell block that I had been pinched again and the situation turned into a pod-wide finger pointing shouting match between the blacks and whites. The guards were called after one-inmate spit on my cellmate T-Bone; twice. He (the spitter) was escorted out. After the guards threatened everyone with lock-up, things quieted down for a while.


I decided to wait till lock down (the nightly one at 10pm) to confront the accused. At least in lock down I would have a better chance of not being jumped on by people from other cells. So, once locked down, I walked over to his bunk and asked him his “real” name (I had only heard what I thought was his nickname – something like me’-me’. He said “Man-Man’s my name, what the #!@?” do you want. You think I stole your $h!+, don’t you”. I told him I did and we immediately squared off in the middle of the cell. For ten minutes we cursed and chest thumped at each other – he proclaiming his innocence and me proclaiming his guilt. He “decided” not to beat my ass immediately because he did not want to go to “seg” on count of there was a chance that his mother was going to bail him out on Friday. I was not going to throw the first punch as I was content I had called him out as a thief in front of everyone in my cell (or maybe I was scared to).

I did not get any sleep that night because of several things. One, my head was pounding and my stomach was churning. Two, “Man-Man” spent the rest of the night inquiring about what kind of punishment he would receive from the authorities for various injuries to me. He settled on two black eyes if he did not get out on Friday. Thirdly – the guy who I think had robbed me in the past was acting very strange. Just like the last time he robbed me but I could not prove it. He basically tries to stay away from me and not look me in the eye. I have told Paul about him in the past. His name is “Detroit” although me and my associates have dubbed him Lucifer. He is so nice and caring on the surface, reads the Bible all the time, tries to be a peacekeeper in tense situations (he did not intervene in this one curiously), he thinks he is so slick. We think of him as the great deceiver.

Morning rolls around and a new cellmate who had not said a word to anyone since he has been here – gets me alone and tells me that he heard Detroit bragging to his cousin ZuZu (who is also in my cell) that he was the one that had robbed me. He said that although the guy that I had accused had helped eat my stuff, it was actually he (Lucifer) who had pilfered it and shared it with his “circle”. After choking on that for a while, I finally sucked it up and apologized to the one I originally accused and told him I now knew who really took it – he acknowledged that and the fact that he had eaten the spoils.

Today is Friday and “Man-Man” did not get out. I do not have black eyes.

I still don’t know what to do about Detroit. He carries a lot of weight in here and knows a lot of other inmates outside our pod. He could have me hurt even if I moved out of pod 9. So for now, I will just keep my mouth shut and let it blow over for the time being. I will just have to guard my stuff better. I had gotten complacent and let my guard down. He will not steal it if he thinks he will get caught. He knows I am watching.
That will wrap it up for this week’s installment of “Life in Lock-up”. I look forward to getting out and seeing everyone. Thanks for the letters and support. By the way, I won my bet.



I won my bet – but do you think I ever got the promised cookies.

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