Lesson of the Humbled Hoff

by The Discovering Alcoholic on August 17, 2010

B-List icon and primetime drunk David Hasselhoff was torched by his “peers” at this Comedy Central Roast as they cranked the dial up to high broil with some scathing shots on his alcoholism. Obviously the Hoff knew what was coming; these events have a well deserved reputation for crude, low brow humor but I imagine the very personal attacks about his drinking still hurt… assuming he wasn’t already numbed.

Humbled by the truth of our past condition and behavior, although maybe not on national television this is a situation almost all of us will have to face as recovering alcoholics. One doesn’t get the title of alcoholic without having a least a few less than memorable public moments. So take your cue from the Hoff who never gives up and constantly reinvents his career despite his fabulous faults and failures, take the embarrassment of past actions in stride when they are brought to light and just move on. Don’t allow what has happened in the past be an obstacle to the future. Remember the serenity prayer- let go of what cannot be changed and concentrate on what can. My goal is to always remember the wasted days of my past not in remorse but in humility, and as a reminder that I need to make every moment count now that I am in recovery.

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1 Paul August 17, 2010 at 10:22 pm

I think that a lot of good can come out of these drunken humiliations; they can be a blessing. In my own case each of these episodes were another chink in my armour of denial. Of course the usual response was to hide the shame by further drinking, but a day can came when all this humiliation was part of the force that made me desperate to escape. You get fed up with peeing in your pants in public or shaming yourself in other ways. Of course some of us seem able to handle a lot more humiliation than others. I hope David Hasselhoff can look at things this way as well – it makes it easier for us to be able to forgive ourselves. Maybe it is our humiliations that save us in the end.


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