Legal and Regulated: Our Two Worst Drug Problems

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 14, 2009

Florida is not alone when it comes to the problem of prescription drug abuse, in much of the country it has passed the abuse of all illicit drugs only topped on the stats list by king alcohol. These are legal, heavy regulated drugs- yet their rate of abuse is skyrocketing.

Legal and regulated: Key words used often by legalization proponents but they also are descriptive of the top two problems in our country, alcohol and prescription drugs. How about the other half of the legalization talking points, treating abuse as a medical problem and promoting education and treatment instead of jail?

Well alcohol seems to be the preferred fuel for crime and violence these days, so even with treatment jail will always be part of this equation. Then there is the way the general public views one of the most effective treatments for prescription opiate addiction, methadone treatment. This quote below is from the District Attorney Randall Houston who vilifies this proposed treatment center in my locale and then literally crows about the community resistance to treatment.

“Without a doubt, he made the appropriate decision in denying the appeal of the Chilton County Methadone Treatment Facility,” he said yesterday. “This lengthy process took cooperation from all levels to include political leaders and community citizens. It just goes to show that when concerned citizens work together, the good guys do sometimes finish first.” ~ Clanton Advertiser

The worst drug problems we face in America are both legal and regulated, until we can get a handle on these the legalization crowd is putting the cart before the horse.

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