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by Screedler on January 16, 2016

John Stamos seems like he has been around forever.  He was on General Hospital when I was in College back in the days of Luke, Laura, and Rick Springfield.  It was the most popular show in the world for my demographic.  He was hard to miss.

Once I left college he started on Full House , became a Beach Boy, and fell off my radar.   Based solely on his good looks I assumed he was probably a jerk and undeservedly had everything fall into his lap, and out of just jealousy I decided it would be uncool to like this guy.  I decided to judge the book by its cover.

He has now rebounded back into my cool zone for three reasons.  One, I suppose I have become less hip, cool, and more mainstream in my tastes as I have gotten older.  Secondly,  he is back in the public eye with a new sitcom that is actually pretty funny called Grandfathered; and Thirdly, and mostly; because I found out he is in recovery.

He recently opened up about substance abuse problems that have dogged him his whole life in a very frank and humble interview on the Howard Stern show.    In the interview he talks about his DUI, his dark side, depression, recovery and the 12 steps.    To me, he sounds like he is very much on the right track now; but as we all know this is only the beginning and it want be easy being who he is.  I was very impressed and glad the interview has been shared online and not locked behind the pay per listen structure of most things from satellite radio.    Check out a portion here and the rest by the link below it. It is very interesting and another example of how our disease plays no favorites:

Listen or read about John and Jimmy Page, the Beach Boys, Full and the new Fuller House here:

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1 Blake C January 25, 2016 at 9:08 pm

First off, I must start by saying I’m a huge Stern fan so I love the nod to him on here.

Second, I always love hearing about these actors overcoming addiction. They fascinate me because I can’t imagine getting clean with that much attention on me. On another note, it’s exciting to hear them speak about recovery because so many people look up to them. Once they talk about loving their life in recovery, hopefully other people will hear their message and be attracted to the program as well. Rob Lowe’s interview on the Howard Stern Show was great too. He brought up how much he owes to recovery every chance he got.

Anyway thanks for this post. BA-BA-BOOEY!

-Blake C
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