It’s Like Tackling a Bus… Again!

by The Discovering Alcoholic on October 13, 2007

It starts off kind of low key, you know, heading out to the local Wal-Mart and going head to head with a few shopping carts. Then the old testosterone kicks in and you find yourself at the golf course gauging the strength between gasoline powered and electric golf carts. Before you know it, you’re out on Main Street trying to tackle a bus! Needless to say the outcome of this contest was written long before the bumper wrapped around your forehead.

Now after an extended hospital stay, months of rehab and therapy, you can finally walk on your own and are being released back out onto the streets. What’s the first thing you say after they unwire your jaw?

“I think it will be okay if I stick to wheelbarrows.”

I stand in disbelief every time I hear someone who is battling an addiction rationalizing their use of an alternative substance because it is not their “drug of choice”. Alcoholics and addicts both do it, maybe marijuana for one or beer for the other. After all, they never had a problem controlling these substances- yea right!

It is situations like these that cement in my mind the disease concept of addiction. After losing their job, freedom, spouse, children, and all self respect; somehow the addict can still rationalize drinking and drugging. It makes about as much since as trying to tackle a bus… again!

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