In The Sixth Sense, They Were Already Dead

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 4, 2007

”For my wife and me, our son’s journey has been like the movie “The Sixth Sense.” We look back on all the signs we ignored or couldn’t believe and now say, “Remember when he did this? Remember when he did that?”

I thought this addiction to’s Fatal Euphoria series was worth a mention, it’s called A Father’s Harrowing Tale. It is a story told by a man about whose son is addicted to heroin. The good news is this tale ends with the son in his sixth shot at rehab, not dead and buried. The lesson learned by him and his wife is the reason I wanted to highlight this story, because he states it rather harsh and plainly.

Oh, did I tell you my son is a liar. All addicts are. They have to be to maintain their addiction. My son would lie about everything, even when it wasn’t necessary. He also became a thief. All addicts are. Take a check out of the checkbook and write it to yourself. Three hundred dollars? Good amount for a couple of days. Can’t find the checkbook? Better sell the new video game mom and dad bought me. My brother’s $900 guitar? As Tigers announcer Dan Dickerson would say, gone! Two hundred bucks out of my uncle’s wallet? Gone!”

It is easy to say this about a stranger. But it is so very, very hard to believe this about a loved one, because for your own sake and emotional well-being you want to believe them so badly. In the movie The Sixth Sense a young boy had a special ability to see dead people, a sixth sense. He would help the dead with their unresolved issues so they could pass peacefully from this existence. Those of us with loved ones who are active addicts and alcoholics also need a special ability, and that is to be able to see the disease instead of the person. In real life, we have to help them before they are dead.

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