In Recovery Anything Is Possible

by Screedler on November 20, 2013

More proof that once sober you will be capable of accomplishing great things.  Don’t simply be content with doing “just enough.” Don’t underestimate yourself. Whether it’s finally running that first 5K without stopping, contorting yourself into a complicated pose for yoga, hiking to the top of a mountain, or doing an Ironman, your body is capable of it. You only need to identify what it is you want, work toward it, get the support of friends and family, and — most importantly — believe it. It no longer matters if anyone can do it. What truly matters is that you can do it.


Congratulations to TDA (Gavin) for finishing his first official Ironman competetion in Tempe, Arizona this last weekend.  He swam 2.5 miles, biked 112 miles, and topped it off with a marathon… in the desert.



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