If you are going through hell, keep going.

by The Discovering Alcoholic on October 10, 2008

Allan ButterworthAllan Butterworth, a recovering alcoholic and writer from South Africa, does a fantastic job of relating his battle with alcoholism in this article published in the American Chronicle.

I long ago lost the desire to be “normal” (a drinker), the cravings are gone, and have thoroughly dispelled all the faulty reasoning of the supposed link between alcohol and a full life. So these days it can be difficult to explain to others this perceived loss and bitterness, the longing for liquid sustenance that occurred during my initial recovery, but Mr. Butterworth covers the subject admirably.

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I finally made the decision. My version of mothers milk and Alan Butterworth had to part company and this time for good…I had now became a member of a club that nobody in their right mind wants to join. Serving a life sentence with no parole. The medical advice now became quite specific. Not a drop of alcohol to pass my lips…

This is definitely no feel-good piece, chopped full instead with low percentage success rates and guaranteed disappointment- it is the spiel of a man smart enough to know that he needs to continually remind himself of the doggedness of his disease. There is always hope though and we can never quit fighting, the worst day in recovery is better than the best of days under the yoke of our disease. He quotes a favorite of mine by Winston Churchill to wrap everything up, a reminder that it is during the darkest of our days that it is most important to fight the hardest.

If you are going through hell, keep going. ~ Winston Churchill

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