IF it’s time to ban all booze from clubhouses

by The Discovering Alcoholic on February 3, 2010

Jon Pul Morosi

I’ve followed the problems Miguel Cabrera has had with alcohol and his subsequent efforts toward recovery, making snarky but informed comments about the first and applauding the latter. So has the very accomplished sports journalist Jon Paul Morosi has also chronicled Cabrera’s plight and is now strongly suggesting that alcohol no longer be made available in MLB clubhouses.

A universal ban on alcohol in major league clubhouses is long overdue. Until every team removes beer from the working quarters of its employees, each day on the baseball schedule will include the most unsettling of possibilities – that alcohol consumed in a clubhouse could contribute to injury or death on the road.

I like the idea, but believe that Mr. Morosi is being intellectually dishonest by suggesting that alcohol just be banned from clubhouses, especially after wrapping up his column describing alcohol consumption as a deadly societal problem.

You might say that organizations can’t watch their players 24 hours per day. And you would be right. Still, team decision-makers have a responsibility – to themselves and their communities – to reduce the likelihood that their players will become part of a societal problem that kills.

Is it OK if fans leave the park and kill somebody? How about when they leave the sports bar after watching the game? If it is a deadly problem why not just get rid of alcohol altogether in sports Mr. Morosi?

IF it’s time to ban all booze from clubhouses, why stop there?

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