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by Screedler on December 5, 2013

Don’t worry, not changing the format of the site to lean toward any one solution, but someone sent me this video and I thought it worth sharing.

I Am Second is a Christian website devoted to iasinspiring people to live differently.  The site tackles a variety of life problems that range from the basic ones like relationships to more philosophical ones like pride; but a large portion of their videos deal with people who have had substance abuse problems and found their solution in putting their faith in a higher power.

This video centers around the characters from the popular show Duck Dynasty.  Substance abuse is the primary problem in the first two generations with the third dealing with problems of unwanted fame from the show.

You will have to watch the whole video to get my post title.  Believe it or not, Screedler was born in Monroe, La; from which the Duck Dynasty hail.

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