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by Screedler on October 14, 2015

Two driving under the influence video’s making headlines today. The first one is reminiscent of, but not as explicit as the old video cassette “Faces of Death”.  Nonetheless, it is very disturbing

Phone video of high teenagers taken by themselves as they die in a horrible car crash.  The video annotations by the parents who released it as a preventative measure:

A young woman using the latest smart phone app (Periscope) to live broadcast her drunk driving escapade.

She is lost, exasperated, and — by her own admission — driving very drunk. In the shaky video, she says she’s drunk and doesn’t know where she is going. She also says she thinks she’s driving on a flat tire. “Where am I right now, people?” the woman asks, over the sound of music playing in her car. “I have to go home.”

Luckily she stopped driving before having an accident. Obviously a viewer of her Periscope feed alerted the police in Lakeland, Florida who did a little investigating and have now arrested the 23 year old with driving under the influence.

I imagine a near future where all illegal activity will be recorded and available for viewing. Who has access to view it and use it; will be the big issue.

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