Happy New Year from the Discovering Alcoholic

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 1, 2008

I would like to extend thanks to my regular readers and wish everyone a safe and sober New Year’s Day. The Discovering Alcoholic has grown both in its scope and readership over the past year in a trend that I intend to see continued in 2008. We have explored great topics from the opium pipe monastery of Thailand to famous alcoholics and reviewed recovery related books and movies. Guest writers have added to spice to the menu such as the ever popular Letters from Hell now on its 14th installment and even controversial posts on alternative recovery. We have also made our voice heard by those in high office. It has been a good year.

Look for more to come in 2008 with a site makeover slated in the first quarter and the addition of at least one additional writer to be brought on board. The increased traffic and daily updates have also made me a favorite of spam attacks, so I am afraid that I will be dropping the anonymous comment feature later this month. I am open to comments, critiques, or suggestions and of course I always appreciate the e-mails and suggestions on story topics.

Lets make it a year to remember!

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