Galluccio is no Kennedy

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 6, 2010

They both served in the Senate for Massachusetts; Edward Kennedy was the ever present Liberal Lion of the US Senate until his death last year and Anthony D. Galluccio was a state senator who resigned this week. They both had significant issues with alcohol abuse. They both put their careers ahead of the people they hurt or killed while driving intoxicated by fleeing the scene of the crime. But Galluccio is no Kennedy.

Kennedy was able to achieve an almost mythical status as THE Massachusetts Senator despite killing a young woman while intoxicated, fleeing the scene, and going home to sleep it off while she lay dead in his submerged car. Galluccio’s not so fortunate. He was forced to resign this week after being jailed for failing a breath test. It was part of his parole agreement from a previous hit and run in which he injured a father and his 13 year old son, only the last of a series of alcohol fuel mishaps.

Well, there was Weld’s pardon of his 1984 drunken-driving conviction. The main consequence of his 1997 drunken-driving conviction was a suspended license. After a 2005 accident, a magistrate in Boston concluded that Galluccio had been drinking, but no drunken-driving charges were filed. And just half a day before his most recent accident, Cambridge police drove him home, apparently because he was too intoxicated to get there himself. ~

Surprisingly the same constituents and colleagues that enabled the elite Kennedy to escape the justice reserved for commoners by buying his flimsy excuses hook, line, and sinker decided not bite on Galluccio’s explanation. He said that it was not alcohol, but instead his whitening toothpaste that caused him to fail the breathalyzer test. Pathetic. Obviously he’s no Kennedy, or they would have sent him back to office and pulled the toothpaste off the shelves. I am glad that at least in this case justice has been served, that maybe Galluccio will find peace in his recovery even in incarceration.

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