Franklyn: A Moral Story but a Bad Movie

by The Discovering Alcoholic on August 14, 2009

I was invited by a good friend and fellow recovering alcoholic who shares my love for sci-fi to have his famous tacos and watch a movie this evening. The wife (she likes neither tacos nor sci-fi) was going to be working late so I jumped at the offer. The food was good, the company even better, but the movie… well it was just bad. I know it was supposed to be a puzzle that was eventually to come together in the end, but unfortunately either the time or the money ran out before they had all the pieces in place. It’s worth watching for the cognitive exercise and imagery alone, but this is no award winner.

There was a moral to the story though, and a particularly good one for those of us in recovery.

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The story is about those who have to deal with traumatic or regrettable pasts. The lesson conveyed is one of selflessness; life shouldn’t be about the people, places and things of our past- that more important is how our actions from this point on will affect these things in our future. The two main characters take different paths- one who insanely dwells on the past eventually killing himself and leaving those he left behind with sorrow and guilt. The other, also stuck in the past and with no desire for a future, finds hope and solace through support of a fellow human in need. His life becomes part of her purpose.

While I can’t really recommend the movie, I certainly can suggest learning a lesson from it. Selfishness is the hallmark of addictive thinking, so care for and service to others is therapeutic in more ways than one. It reinforces a new outlook on life, one that does not revolve solely around self, and also builds spirituality. My personal experience is that the most memorable rewards in life occur directly as a result from my actions that provided either solace or pleasure to others. Living for just oneself does not leave much room for growth and fulfillment, mastering oneself so that you can positively affect the lives of others opens up a realm of potential and future rewards.

Don’t let the past ruin your future… or that of others that you will eventually interact and enhance.

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