Famous Alcoholics: Lynda Carter

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 23, 2008

Sober for 2526 Years. Not really, in fact Lynda Carter has much less than the 19 years sobriety misstated in this recent interview in which she discusses her upcoming cabaret act. It’s actually more like eleven years, she went to rehab in 1997. The 19 years is probably just a typo, that ridiculously large number comes from the alleged age of the Wonder Woman character she is most famous for portraying. (check out video at end of post)

Even through the fog of my burnt out synapses I can clearly picture in my mind big Lynda Carter playing Wonder Woman in the late 70’s TV series. And when I say “big” by no means do I mean fat! I mean big hair, big chest, long legs and a big screen presence that impressed even a ten year old… one that understood all too well that there wasn’t a damn thing silly about a scantily clad Amazon princess.

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I have heard Mrs. Carter speak openly many times about her alcoholism, she in fact told the entire world of her disease on the highly rated Larry King Live show in 2002. Not unique, but definitely heard of less often is the fact that Mrs. Carter was a binge drinking alcoholic and could go for long periods relatively easy without drinking.

“Some people think they’re not alcoholics if they drink after 5 or they don’t do it every day or, for me, I didn’t think I was because I would quit for two years, had children, just quit, not even care about it, and then drink for the same reason anybody else did,”… One of the biggest problems with alcoholism is that those who have it don’t want to admit it…

“It’s a long time of drinking differently than other people and being in denial about it, and it’s mostly denial because of the shame,” she said. “You’re embarrassed if you don’t remember what happened that night.”~ CBS News

I am always more impressed by celebrities who speak out about their disease to raise awareness, instead of just to produce an excuse for crass behavior (hint, hint Russell Crowe). Speaking of ill-behaved Hollywood types, apparently Lindsay Lohan was one of the starlets gunning for the star role in the upcoming 2009 Wonder Woman movie.

So here’s a TDA salute to a fellow recovering alcoholic and a wonderful woman.

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