DUI Home Invasion

by The Discovering Alcoholic on September 7, 2009

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A DUI driver in Suffolk County NY must have been approaching 100 mph as he missed a turn, hit a berm, and launched his Jeep into the second story of a house. Thankfully no one was seriously injured even though the owner of the house was home and asleep at the time and the jeep actually crashed twice- once into the house, and then a second time as it fell through to the first story foyer.

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Most people would rather not think of the more serious repercussions of substance abuse, as a society we have a they are only hurting themselves mentality. If this home invasion would have been committed by armed thugs the whole community would have been up in arms demanding extra patrols and increased public safety measures. Yet a drunk launches a 2 ton projectile through an occupied house and even the owner seems unfazed; equally dangerous, but alcohol related incidents are just “accepted”.

Over the holiday weekend thousands of drivers will be charged with DUI, get to spend the night in jail, and most will have their licensed suspended… if they are lucky. This DUI home invasion is just one of the obvious examples of the collateral damage from substance abuse and alcoholism. Employment trouble often occurs because people without driver’s licenses are unreliable, others get into more trouble because they keep driving, some get depressed and drink even more, all these things affect the family and then there are the cases where the driver is seriously injured or worse- when the innocent are hurt.

How will substance abuse invade your home?

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