DUI Hit and Run Takes Pitcher Out of Game Permanently

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 10, 2009

The youngest pitcher playing in the major league, Nick Adenhart, threw the best game of his career last night while his dad proudly watched from the stands. The dream come true was replaced by a nightmare just a few hours later when his dad was notified that his son had been killed by a drunk driver. Only one out of the four people in Adenhart’s car survived the crash yet the driver suspected of DUI still managed to flee the scene on foot before being apprehended. Not only was he way over the legal limit, but he didn’t even have a license because of a prior offense.

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Nearly 100,000 people die in alcohol related incidents each year in the US and almost half of all fatal traffic accidents involve alcohol. Nick Adenhart’s poignant story has gotten quite a bit of press, but an even greater tragedy is the fact that this story is repeated daily and hardly anyone ever notices.

How many people will have a few beers in the sports bar tonight and lament the passing of a young player and yet still drive home that night impaired? Studies estimate that there are 88 instance of impaired driving for every arrest made suggesting the only time most people take impaired driving seriously is while reflecting upon a high profile tragedy. The daily deaths attributed to alcohol are just bland stats, no faces or gripping stories for an ESPN write-up and no one ever thinks that it could happen to themor their loved ones.

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