Drunken Ninja Defends Keg

by The Discovering Alcoholic on March 15, 2008

As a recovering alcoholic who started on this path in my early teens, I know first hand the dangers of underage drinking. Fights, DUI’s, and embarrassing behavior are common place for those with little experience and yet most likely to binge. Trouble. That’s about all you can expect with underage drinking.

But what do you get when a teenager whose dad just so happens to have a collection samurai swords throws an all-night kegger? Well in the case of would-be party crasher Matt West, he didn’t “get” anything, in fact he lost his right hand!

Defense witnesses described “Matt West and his gang” as uninvited party crashers who arrived at the keg party wearing masks, dragging chains and spraying Mace… A Shelby County jury convicted 21-year-old Stephen Jones of second-degree assault Friday afternoon for severing Matt West’s right hand with a samurai sword in August 2005. ~ AL.com

That’s right; Mr. West decided to crash the keg party of a drunken ninja and got his right hand lopped off! I would be a little skeptical if the case wasn’t tried yesterday just a few miles down the road from my house.

Definitely a good example of the perils of underage drinking, but since it is Saturday night I wanted to leave you with something a little lighter. So continuing on with the topic of swords and keeping in spirit of great things lost to drugs and alcohol, I give you John Belushi as Samurai Delicatessen.

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