Drunk History Re-enacted By Jordan Peele

by Screedler on July 5, 2016

Jordan Peele of the comedy duo Key & Peele recreates one of the most bizarre television interviews ever – James Brown’s famous “I Feel Good” interview on CNN while intoxicated on probably numerous substances.

In May of 1988 James Brown was arrested in Aiken County, South Carolina, on charges of drug possession and fleeing from the police after his wife Adrienne called 911 because he was threatening her safety. Brown was released after paying $24,000 in bail, after which he headed for Atlanta to do an interview on CNN’s Sonya Live! in LA with Sonya Friedman.

Here is the original interview. Despite his claim that everything is alright; it is clear they are very wrong. Kids, this is a good example of why you should to stay clear of drinking and drugs.

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