Drug Court Graduation Ceremony

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 16, 2009

Original pic by CarbonNYC now at The Discovering Alcoholic

I will be speaking at the Shelby County Drug Court graduation tomorrow and have been asked to emphasize recovery… now that’s a topic I can sink my teeth into! Obviously, I knew just the right spot to find some material on the subject. After congratulating the class on their success I intend to address the lure and danger of backsliding now the threat of jail and weekly drug tests no longer exists. Then touch upon the fact that a recovery routine is anything but confining, and that good recovery habits can open up a whole new world of opportunity and travel. I thought it would be best to end on a hopeful note of healing for the family with emphasis on avoiding potential stumbling blocks and maintaining recovery priorities.

Less than half of all applicants make it through this program of extensive tasks and treatment, so here’s a well deserved TDA salute to the graduates!

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