Drink Beer, Rocket to Space, and Prepare for Nudity

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 3, 2009

Two stories I heard on the radio while traveling this week gelled into this post tonight. The first was about a contest being held by brewer Guinness with first prize a reserved seat aboard a Virgin Galactic space liner. No astronaut training here; it’s basically drink beer, win a trip to space. The second was this story about a cross country US Airways flight that made an emergency landing because of a naked, belligerent passenger. Not surprisingly, police say the man had been drinking at the departure airport bar among other things.

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It wasn’t long before I was thinking we would too soon be hearing about naked drunks in space- watch out for that vacuum, it’s harsh!

The drunk standard is for men to strip and women to cry, yes it sometimes works in reverse but it’s a good rule of thumb. So we get scary ugly and sobbing insanity. It only gets worse when they get angry- about what who knows and it’s usually very, very, angry. Now put all this happening in an aluminum tube 35,000 feet above the ground and it gets very scary, I would imagine it would be absolutely nightmarish at 68 miles above the Earth.

It’s a holiday weekend folks, stay safe and by all means stay sober! (keep your clothes on guys)

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