Dr. Strangebrew: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Booze

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 30, 2010

Just as a whopping and hollering Major Kong gleefully rode the atomic bomb down and started the countdown to the apocalyptic but fictional climax of the classic dark satire Dr. Strangelove, our society also revels in over-the-top drunken behavior even though the predictable repercussions are dire and all too realistic. It’s easy to chuckle at a movie parodying a doomsday scenario in which mutually assured destruction is mutually agreed upon, but how do we laugh at the beer commercials or giggle at the drunken antics of a friend knowing without a doubt that alcohol related incidents will end the lives of many that very day. Not only killing more than the combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, the collateral damage from alcohol related events will destroy families, finances, and the future of so many others one has to wonder how we learned to stop worrying and love the booze?

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