Doctor Discovers Codependence

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 5, 2009

Original pic by mrbill under creative commons attribution license now at The Discovering AlcoholicDr. Herbert Keating has written a well-intentioned article in the Hartford Courant alerting physicians with famous patients not to fall prey to “celebrity addiction”.

In his article,Warning: Celebrity Addiction Contagious, As Michael Jackson’s Medical Treatment Shows, Dr. Keating warns that “ Celebrity is an intoxicant. Just as its cousin, power, corrupts, intoxicating celebrity turns people into addicts. And celebrity addiction is an infectious disease that can afflict everyone in proximity, physicians included.

I hate to break it to the good doctor, but one need not be a celebrity to suck people into blast zone of alcoholism and addiction… it’s called codependence and fame is not a prerequisite. It would make a lot more sense if most of the dysfunctional enablement and detrimental interaction between alcoholics/addicts and their codies were just a celebrity infatuation, but we would certainly have to extend the Hollywood Walk of Fame- a very, very long way.

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