DJ AM was a Spectacular Failure

by The Discovering Alcoholic on August 29, 2009

Celebrity disc jockey DJ AM was found dead of an apparent overdose yesterday surrounded by drug paraphernalia- the same paraphernalia you see him displaying in this posthumous lecture to MTV teens for an upcoming intervention show. So should we consider DJ AM a fraud? A hypocrite, pretender, or phony- these words might come to mind for those not schooled by addiction and will no doubt eventually be used by his critics. I would consider him just an addict though, struggling in his recovery as we all sometimes do… one that failed spectacularly.

Why would I say such a thing about a fellow addict in recovery?

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I’m no fan, that’s for sure- never really taking notice of his name or fame until his death. Except for the fact that he was trying to help teens into to recovery, I would have never even thought to look for a voice of recovery in the club scene environment where he thrived… apparently sober.

There is no better advocate and sponsor of recovery than those actually in recovery from alcoholism or addiction, but unfortunately relapse is a common occurrence given the nature of addiction, a chronic disease. Those well known, that speak out, and try to help the most are risking some fairly formidable odds of becoming the most spectacular of failures because like a well known preacher caught in a brothel, the media loves the black irony.

So here’s a TDA salute to DJ AM for having the desire and the guts to even risk the chance of becoming a spectacular failure. He was serving an honorable purpose for selfless reasons- may he rest in peace and his message continue to help others.

PS: My apologies to those that follow me on feed and twitter, through a technical glitch I double posted this- now cleaned up though, sorry!

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