Discovering Alcoholic, Hear Me Roar!

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 26, 2009


TDA Coffee Mugs

Coffee.  A classic symbol of sobriety and one of my guilty pleasures, join me in a cup?



I can think of no better place for The Discovering Alcoholic logo to be displayed than on a coffee mug. Wake up everyday to hot cup of java emblazoned with the symbol that will remind you that even the worst day in recovery… is a thousand times better than the best day as a drunk. 


So click here to pull up the ShopTDA store where I am offering a coffee mug for every occasion: The travel mug for on the run at work or at play, the TDA logo is a secret symbol for the recovery community only the insiders know!  The small office mug with TDA logo and no text, so you can celebrate recovery even at the office!  Then there is the king/queen size mug (my favorite) that shouts I am a discovering alcoholic, hear me roar!


Way too much coffee.  But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.  ~David Letterman


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