D.O.A.: Deeply Obsessive Alcoholic

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 22, 2009

Operation Bunny Rescue at TDA


When it comes to stressing about every little detail you can just consider me D.O.A., not dead on arrival but instead a deeply obsessive alcoholic.  I can obsess about anything large or small.  I don’t think my obsessive nature is a symptomatic of my alcoholism because I was a worrier even as a child, however I do think the trait may make one predisposed to addictions.  Kids should be carefree, me, I worried.  This tendency is not always a bad thing, I have channeled it into a positive attribute as a project manager making sure tasks get done.  These days usually it’s something minor that can be pesky, like door locks or closing the garage door where I go back repeatedly to check they have been secured.  Today though the issue was a critical matter… baby bunnies.    That’s right, baby bunnies (see actual fluffballs above).

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I found one in the yard playing opossum so I let him stay there hoping that by some miracle his mother would rescue him in our suburban jungle of 500 houses and an overpopulation of bored housecats on the loose.  It was like pulling teeth for me while I waited, already I had taken ownership of this problem and knew it was going to be hard to let go.  Matters were decided for me when the neighbor’s kids trapped another one in their garage.  Unfortunately, this baby bunny had more to fear from two pre-teen boys than any cat.  One need not be a seer to know that it wasn’t long before I had amassed a wealth of orphaned rabbit knowledge on Google, completed a detailed threat analysis and risk assessment on whether or not to intervene with operation bunny rescue, and before you know it had both bunnies safe in hand- or rather a rapidly crafter bunny habitat.


They are now safe in the hands of my niece and her grandparents who have been briefed on their care.  I am lucky we have a renowned wildlife rehab center within just a few miles of the house, they have a great section on orphan rabbit care and will soon have the two new patients.  Hopefully these two baby rabbits will make it through their ordeal and then get strong enough to be released back into the wild- and then we will all be rehab graduates and celebrating recovery together!  I may be a D.O.A., but that isn’t always a bad thing- in recovery I strive to channel my potentially harmful behavior into positive action.

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