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Self-Help Sunday

April 3, 2016

I ran across a great post on Quartz that was reprinted from LinkedIn: Almost everyone who is unhappy with life is unhappy for the same reasons If you will read, you will immediately see how it can be helpful in recovery.  In brief, it’s all about setting expectations, thinking positive, and being realistic. Your expectations, more than […]

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Sia – Chandelier

March 7, 2016

I had my mind expanded last week and went on a pop music binge after learning the song “Chandelier” by Sia was about alcoholism.  How could I miss its meaning after hearing the song and seeing the video so many times?   I just wasn’t looking for it because it was so… pop. In a “best of” interview with Howard Stern […]

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Drug Wars – A New Hope

December 21, 2015

I went and saw Star Wars this weekend and left the theater satisfied  knowing that the direction and future of my beloved movie series seems to be in good hands under the new regime of Disney and company.  Better yet, that’s the feeling I am getting on Michael Botticelli; who along with the new Star […]

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The Ultimate Party Host Challenge

December 8, 2015

Great article from The Cut about how to entertain party guests without alcohol – just in time for all the holiday parties in season for the next few weeks. From The Ultimate Hostess Challenge: Entertaining People Who Don’t Drink, By Jamie Lauren Keiles :   We non-drinkers are legion, and we come from all walks […]

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TDA Halloween Challenge

October 31, 2015

This creepy 35 second Hanna Barbera anti-drug PSA has the best catchphrase ever at the end. Happy Halloween!!!

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A Kennedy Comes Out

October 6, 2015

One of the most interesting and worthwhile interviews about addiction I have seen on 60 Minutes in some time. One time congressman and son of Ted Kennedy, Patrick opens up about how his problem and our problem are really the whole nation’s problem. Patrick Kennedy on 60 Minutes. View More: Newsmakers News|60 Minutes News|Live News|More […]

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A Practical Guide for Families Dealing with Addiction

September 19, 2010

I plan to post a Q&A with my friend and talented author Lisa Frederiksen on her new book very soon, but until then here is a quick summary of Loved One in Treatment? Now What? It’s been my experience that books written on the topic of addiction and recovery fall into three general categories: 1) […]

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Don’t Settle for a Happy Hour!

September 4, 2010

It was a few years into early recovery when my life seemed to have hit a plateau. I had a steady job, a place of my own, and a satisfying relationship… a far cry from trembling, alky wreck of yore, but still somehow I felt disappointed. This is what I had gotten sober for? Even […]

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Forget the Wubby, Try Non-Alcoholic Goals

August 23, 2010

Question: Why is goal setting so important in recovery? Answer: One crosses the border into alcoholism when alcohol becomes priority number one. It starts off as just fun, party here, ballgame there. Then it becomes a dating tool or a coping mechanism. Finally it’s having beer instead of morning coffee… lunch break, and midnight snack- […]

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TDA to Run the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer

August 21, 2010

I am powerless over alcohol. For someone that couldn’t hold down a steady job much less a steady hand one would have thought I would have been inured to helplessness back in my practicing alcoholic days. Not really though- yeah, I had the I’m a victim of chemical imbalance and me-against-the-world conspiracy theory down pat […]

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Lesson of the Humbled Hoff

August 17, 2010

B-List icon and primetime drunk David Hasselhoff was torched by his “peers” at this Comedy Central Roast as they cranked the dial up to high broil with some scathing shots on his alcoholism. Obviously the Hoff knew what was coming; these events have a well deserved reputation for crude, low brow humor but I imagine […]

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Steven Slater: America Celebrates a Relapse

August 13, 2010

I had every intention of writing about anything other than Steven Slater, but it is impossible to get away from this story in America right now. Cable and network news, talk shows, radio, and blogs- it’s 24/7 take this job and shove it. For a country that is experiencing almost 10% unemployment, it seems odd […]

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Blame JetBlue Snit on Alcohol Withdrawals?

August 10, 2010

A JetBlue employee that berated passengers over the PA system before resigning via the emergency slide has gained national attention. Prosecutors say the JetBlue flight attendant (Steven Slater) flipped out over a fight with an agitated traveler Monday, cursing over the intercom before grabbing some beer from the plane’s galley and making a grand exit […]

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Is My Family Member an Alcoholic? Try Another Different Question

August 3, 2010

Ever asked a family member that most assuredly does have a drinking problem if they are thinking the same? Well unless they are at the rock bottom step of a devastating spiral then be prepared for dogged denial, obfuscation, and feigned indignity. Be warned, those nursing an addiction can be wickedly convincing about this subject […]

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Letters from Hell – Final Chapter

August 1, 2010

I want to thank Screedler for posting these Letters From Hell. This is a weekly feature that I always promote to the front page, some of the language may be disturbing but I think it is important that the text remains unedited the way it was originally written from jail.

letters from hell

This is the last letter in the series. I didn’t know I was going to get out until hours before it happened. Click here to read all the prior installments of the series.

July 17, 2006

Dear Dad, Sarah, Amy, James and Audrey,

I hope this letter finds everyone doing well. As I have told Dad, the last week has been pretty rotten. We have been in constant lockdown since last week due to fights and various episodes of contraband usage.

We are simply too overcrowded and the fact that they use this place as a way station for prison inmates awaiting trail dates does not help. They are usually trouble. We have been searched about 5 times in the last week. This means the guards go through and throw away and tear up all your stuff including my pens and writing pad. They also threw away all my letters and several articles of my clothing just for good measure. Since then I have gotten back a pen and some paper but did not have anything to write on (a pad or a table) until today.

Although I still have whatever kind of infection (staph), it is much better. Since Amy and Noah told me to stop using the Neosporin type stuff the nurse gave me it has gotten much better. Thank goodness, it was really bothering me.

There have been several arrivals and departures to my cell since last week. None were welcome, all I was glad to see go. One was a thief (yes he stole from me… and others) another was a bully. One was a thief and a bully. I must say I like only about 1 percent of the people I have met in here. I can tolerate about 20 percent. I dislike 60 percent of them and downright hate about 19 percent. I absolutely believe in the death penalty now. I have met some people here that have no redeeming value; the world would absolutely be a better place without them.

Click “Read more” to continue with the letter…

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