Wisconsin is the Weakest

June 21, 2009

Last year I ran with a blog entitled “What is Wrong with Wisconsin?” chiding the state with a flurry of W’s over their excessive drunk driving and underage drinking rates.

Considering that the official state beverage of Wisconsin is a sober glass of milk, it’s hard to miss the irony in that the state also leads the nation in those that admit to driving under the influence. Add the fact that it also has the dubious honor of scoring the highest percentage in the nation for underage drinking, and it’s even harder not to ask the question, “What’s wrong with Wisconsin?”

An additional W inspired scolding seems appropriate according to Judge George S. Curry who says Wisconsin has the weakest driving under the influence laws in the nation.

Wisconsin is the only state where a first operating while intoxicated offense is a traffic citation… Wisconsin is rated as one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to the number of drunken driving fatalities. ~ THonline

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The REAL Domestic Extremists That Threaten Our Nation

June 14, 2009

Killing without a cause!

Deadly Extremist Killing Thousands, Threaten Nation at The Discovering Alcoholic

On a daily basis they gather in dark smoky rooms across the country before dispersing out onto our highway system to claim yet more innocent lives. I am all for diversity, but our acceptance of these extremists living and practicing their dark arts right here among us is just too much for me to bear any longer. I am also getting very tired of the apologists and enablers that tacitly support this ritualistic behavior, from the parents that think it is just a phase to our media and entertainment industry that glorifies the practice.

Enough is enough!

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Not CSI: DUI Death Rate Trumps Stabbed, Shot, Suffocated and Poisoned Combined

May 8, 2009

I’m a big fan of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, like trying out old episodes of CSI: NY on Netflix, and occasionally will sit through my wife’s favorite CSI: Miami giggling every time the sunglasses come off with dramatic flair.  Not only these shows, but there must be ten other prime time presentations that highlight how we stab, shoot, suffocate and poison one another.  It seems all of America is obsessed with capturing the killers.  On Capitol Hill, gun law and hate crime legislation are always hot topics, but the 800 lb gorilla in the room everyone ignores is the number of highway fatalities caused by alcohol.  


DUI death numbers consistently trump murder rates, by all means, year after year.   If not for a good many irate mothers (MADD)- people would probably still ignore the obvious… unwilling to jeopardize their love affair with alcohol.  I doubt we’ll see a pilot of CSI: DUI anytime soon, not that there is much mystery about how a drunk behind the wheel kills people.


The chart below was composed by Howard Nemerov, the Austin Gun Rights Examiner.


DUI Murder

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DUI Hit and Run Takes Pitcher Out of Game Permanently

April 10, 2009

The youngest pitcher playing in the major league, Nick Adenhart, threw the best game of his career last night while his dad proudly watched from the stands. The dream come true was replaced by a nightmare just a few hours later when his dad was notified that his son had been killed by a drunk driver. Only one out of the four people in Adenhart’s car survived the crash yet the driver suspected of DUI still managed to flee the scene on foot before being apprehended. Not only was he way over the legal limit, but he didn’t even have a license because of a prior offense.

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A Formula for Disaster

January 17, 2009

Widmark’s Formula at The Discovering Alcoholic

A more accurate title for this post might be a formula for after the disaster because the above referenced Widmark Formula is a standard used in DUI related court cases. E.M.P. Widmark, a Swedish researcher of pharmacokinetics, developed this equation early in the last century that allows the determination of the amount of alcohol a person consumed or their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In the example above, Widmark’s Formula is often used to calculate the number of drinks consumed considering the following known values:

where: N = amount consumed

W = body weight
r = the volume of distribution (a constant)
Ct = blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
β = the alcohol elimination rate
t = time since the first drink
z = the fluid ounces of alcohol per drink

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DUI Victim Just Barely Dead

January 4, 2009

Original photo by joguldi now at The Discovering Alcoholic

Sara Longwell of the American Beverage Institute (ABI) is at it again defending the people’s “right” to drive intoxicated as long they are not caught or just sloppy drunk. In this latest interview, she is demonizing the use of ignition interlocks as punishment for those convicted of DUI. Protecting the ABI’s cash cow, imbibing bar patrons and diners, is her real objective- but as usual she acts as if she were defending a constitutional right.

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Borkenstein’s Monster

December 31, 2008

Borkenstein’s creature at The Discovering AlcoholicExactly eighty years ago tonight Indiana police introduced unsuspecting New Year’s revelers to the Drunkometer, the first utilitarian device that was used to calculate the blood alcohol level of drivers by breath testing. But it wasn’t until 1954 when Robert Borkenstein developed the Breathalyzer, a more stable and portable device, that highway police were able to use the alcohol breath test as a routine procedure to accurately distinguish intoxicated drivers as “over the limit”.

As a practicing alcoholic I wasn’t scared of drunk driving or the possible deadly repercussions, but I did fear the breathalyzer and the loss of freedom it represented. In recovery and as an advocate I am all too aware of dangers of DUI and routinely deal with the aftermath, now I see the Breathalyzer as a benevolent tool. Much like Dr. Frankenstein’s creature, many see only the monster while those that look deeper will see an invention that reflects the struggle of man dealing with the vagaries of modern advances.

So on this New Year’s regardless if you view the Breathalyzer as good or evil; just be sure to stay safe and make wise decisions. If you drink designate a sober driver, because Borkenstein’s monster will definitively be haunting the roads tonight.

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Befehl ist Befehl

December 18, 2008

Original pic by moacirpdsp  now at The Discovering AlcoholicBefehl ist befehl in German literally translates to “order is order”, it means the same as “I may not like it, but it’s my job.” It is better known as the Nuremburg Defense because of the Nazi war criminals who tried to escape justice during the famous war trials by claiming they were “just following orders.”

Every time I run across a new statement made by American Beverage Institute (ABI) Director Sarah Longwell trying to minimize the dangers of driving under the influence- I find it hard to believe that she is comfortable taking this position. In the past I have compared her job to that of a fictional cheerleader for Hitler or Satan- sure she’s waving the pompoms and cheering to the crowd, but I hope that in her heart she’s rooting for the other team.

Maybe it’s just a case of befehl ist befehl, especially considering that her most recent statement about DUI checkpoints being ineffective is totally baseless. It’s as if she is angry because those only moderately under the influence may be inconvenienced by a sobriety test, but we know the real reason is she just wants customers to feel comfortable in their decision to drive mildly intoxicated.

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Beware of the DUI Bear!

December 6, 2008

Original photo by Uriba now at The Discovering Alcoholic

We’ll have to change our ways and learn. This is a terrible price to pay for just one night of drinking. ~KETV

The collateral damage from “just one night of drinking” in this case turned out to be one dead, one imprisoned, and a whole host of people that will be plagued by grief, remorse, and guilt for the rest of their lives. I ran across this story on my news feed and was almost going to let it go without comment because let’s face it, DUI and alcohol related deaths are unfortunately commonplace. This is not meant to be a flippant statement, but rather a sad commentary of our societal acceptance of these events. Reading further and following up on some of the past stories though, there is more reported here than your normal alcohol related death, family mourns.

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White Line Fever?

November 3, 2008

Growing up in the rural South cocaine was the stuff of Miami Vice and the only white line fever anyone suffered from was highway hypnosis. ”Highway hypnosis is a mental state in which the person can drive an automobile great distances, responding to external events in the expected manner, with no recollection of having consciously done so.” Back then heading to another county was a trip and going across state to the nearest metropolis was considered an epic journey. Even though it is likely there will be no recollection of past events, the only trip that this poor fool will make is to jail with maybe a brief detour to the hospital.

He literally FELL prey to a sobriety test.

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The Snake… in the grass

October 23, 2008

Alabama football icon Ken “The Snake” Stabler was acquitted of drunk and reckless driving following three hours of testimony at a municipal trial this week in Robertsdale, AL. He had been arrested there earlier in the summer after narrowly missing a police officer who was writing up another vehicle (reckless driving) and then admitting to drinking but refusing to take a breathalyzer test. As you can see from the video, the police officer that arrested him displayed both professionalism and courtesy during the arrest while Stabler at best sounds and acts addled. If convicted he faced mandatory jail time because this would have been his third conviction of driving under the influence.

I am always hesitant to doubt the wheels of justice but his repeat offender status, obvious impaired state in the video, and the police officers testimony make me wonder if his football stardom of yore and almost idol status in Alabama became more important in this case than justice In what looks like a cut and dry case, an obviously star struck judge ruled that the prosecution did not prove their case. Bah!

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Life is a Trip- Travel it Well Lit

October 20, 2008

Thanks to TDA researcher Anna Z for bringing this to my attention.

My title is a takeoff of the old United Airlines slogan, life is a journey- travel it well; United. I took the liberty of updating it because of a recent incident that occurred at London’s Heathrow Airport where a United pilot was unceremoniously drug out of the cockpit of a fully loaded 777 by police under suspicion that he was intoxicated.

A Boeing 777 carries well over 300 passengers, all of which this irresponsible pilot put at risk. Even though it makes national headlines, this is nothing compared to the danger and constant loss of lives we are subjected to on the highway by those driving under the influence… an incident that is estimated to occur close to 200 million times a year on our highways.

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Rolling the Dice

October 9, 2008

photo by LePetitPoulailler

In Maryland, Bob and Joanne Breiner came home from eating dinner on the town to find a drunk curled up in their bed. This drunk rolled a seven, they didn’t press charges even sending him on his way with a doggy bag of food.

Drinking yourself silly is like rolling the dice, only winning the pot rarely rates anything better than leftovers and a hangover. Most of the time the stakes are much higher.

In Florida, Berty Deguzman woke up to find a drunk shambling around in his kitchen. This drunk crapped out, because Berty shot him twice in the stomach mistaking him for a robber.

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This is Beer Heaven

October 6, 2008

This is beer heaven. You know, the place where everyone is slim, sexy, happy and full of life.

Now back to reality. This is beer hell.

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