Letters from Hell – An Alcoholic’s Life On The Inside

Letters from Hell are a WIP (work in progress) highlighting some real life correspondences from an experience that turned out to be the proverbial cloud with silver linings. These letters were first posted when the site was in it’s infancy and need some major reformatting. But I have decided to throw’em out here raw, and clean them up as soon as I can.

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Letters from Hell – Part 2

May 27, 2010

This is a special treat, I want to thank Screedler for posting these Letters From Hell. This will be a weekly feature that I always promote to the front page.



Part 2

Welcome to the second in my series "Letters from Hell". Despite what TDA said in the prelude to Part I this one is not quite a doozy. More of a description of my surroundings again. There are some doozy letters that are coming up as the summer and jail got hotter and the inmate crowding escalated. I do introduce an inmate that will be the subject of many letters in the future – Detroit. As you may have guessed Detroit is from Detroit- aah the originality – he has a very sordid past of gang banging, drugs, and death.

May 18, 2006

Dear Paul and Nan,

Greetings from cell block A. I hope this letter finds you doing well. I am doing fine and staying out of trouble so far. I get my first “store” this week. That’s what they call items ordered from the commissary. I ordered me some real shoes – they are like white boat shoes – they cost $9. I also ordered 2 pairs of boxers, 2 pairs of socks, and a t-shirt. A fellow inmate gave me a thermal underwear top and so far that has been my prize possession. You wouldn’t believe how chilly it is in here. For food from the commissary I ordered 3 honey-buns, 7 orange juices, 2 beef-sticks, 1 pack of cookies, 2 packs of m&m’s, a ½ box of Club crackers, 3 bags of cheetos, 3 bags of jalapeno bites, and 2 bags of hard candy (root beer and jolly ranchers). I also ordered some soap, shampoo and deodorant.

Now the big thing will be to keep my “store” from being stolen. I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. Everyone in my cell has said they will look out for each others store, but I have been told there may be thieves among our own ranks.

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Letters from Hell

Letters from Hell – Part 1

May 25, 2010

This is a special treat, I want to thank Screedler for posting these Letters From Hell. This will be a weekly feature that I always promote to the front page. Please stayed tuned for part two, its a doozy!

Letters from Hell
Part 1

As you may already know from my past postings, I spent 76 days in a county jail last year due to my addiction and actions. This is where I became sober; this is what finally gave me my longest period of sobriety in 30 years. Recently my family gave me a treasure trove of artifacts from my stay in jail – many letters that I wrote them during my incarceration. After speaking with TDA he asked me to share these letters with you and I will as a reminder of what I’ve been through because of drinking, a warning to those who are still drinking and what awaits them if they go down the path I and so many alcoholics have, and as a way of putting these letters to rest (maybe I’ll burn them after 5; no 10 years of sobriety), they are not something I would share with anybody without the protection of anonymity.

The following is the content of the first letter I sent, 10 days into my jail experience – I have only changed the names to protect the innocent (and not so innocent – including me):

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