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Fiorina Reveals Family Substance Abuse Tragedy in Debate

September 19, 2015

Believe it or not, I watched most of the Republican Presidential Debate on Wednesday. The standout moment for me, being in recovery was Fiorina and this preface to her comments on drug policy, during which she criticized equating marijuana with alcohol. I had no ideal that she had lost a child to drug addiction and […]

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Halfway to Concord and Nimptopsical from The Drinker’s Dictionary

November 8, 2009

I was doing a little research on Benjamin Franklin for an upcoming post and ran across this interesting piece he did for the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1737 compliments of Historycarper.com. The Drinker’s Dictionary was published with a quote from Poor Richard’s Almanac– Nothing more like a fool than a drunken man. My favorites from this […]

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Of Beer Drinking Dogs and Pot Smoking Cats

September 30, 2009

It’s a sad testament to my perverted relationship with drugs and alcohol that the 1983 film Strange Brew along with Animal House still to this day tickle my funny bone. Obviously I don’t blame the movies, but as an impressionable teenager I developed a very unhealthy obsession with drugs and alcohol. By young adulthood, many of the things I considered “normal” would have to most seemed straight out of a scene with Bluto or the McKenzie brothers. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with waking up to a beer, “borrowing” from friends and family, and risking the lives of everyone on the road was a daily routine.

When I ran across this story about the guy who had stuck a cat in his bong pipe, my first thought was that it was an act of intentional cruelty. Cruelty, yes, abuse, yes- but after reflecting upon my own past I sort of doubt now it was intentional. This is most likely his normal world; where drunk dogs and high cats are considered funny and he has a hard time realizing that drugs and alcohol are not the answer to every question and situation. I experienced one of those “sobering moments” of recovery when I followed up my question of what was he thinking” with “I guess I already know”… hopefully the cat is OK, the guy finds recovery, and I’ll go to bed tonight thankful and blessed that I am no longer that kind of person.

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TDA’s European Inebriation

September 26, 2009

TDA’s European Inebriation at The Discovering Alcoholic

I wanted to take a break from the depressing news here in the States, so please join me for a quick getaway across the great pond I’m calling TDA’s European Inebriation (in honor of the Griswalds).

We start out in the UK where a Dorset prison had to uninstall the hand sanitizer pumps initially put in to help prevent swine flu. Apparently the prisoners discovered the cleanser was made mostly of ethyl alcohol and promptly became intoxicated.

Prison officials said,”When you get something called alcohol gel you can see what is going to happen. You don’t want drunk prisoners running around the prison.” ~ BBC

I think the guards have decided they would rather have sick than drunk prisoners. Good choice. Now on to France.

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Too Drunk to Die?

September 25, 2009

Original pic by dipfan under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

A fairly extensive study involving 38,000 cases over a period of five years suggests that having alcohol in the blood stream may increase the chances of survival in accidents involving severe brain trauma.

“This study really brings up more questions than it answers,” says coauthor Ali Salim, M.D., the program director of the General Surgery Residency Educational Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles. “It’s a bad thing to say alcohol is good, especially since it’s responsible for so many of these injuries. But our study suggests there may be some survival advantage for people with elevated [blood alcohol] levels.” ~ CNN.com

There’s probably two guys sitting at a bar at this very moment discussing this story praising the merits of alcohol, and both will drive home smug and content that their brain is safe. Drinker’s beware though, survival rates may be higher but so are complications and recovery – in addition, it would be a pretty safe bet that alcohol was a contributing factor in most of those brain injuries where it was of “help”.

Scientists have several theories on this effect of alcohol, but I also have one they didn’t address. Ever notice how the drunk in an accident seems to be the one that survives? My thought is that they don’t go through the stress and trauma that sober people do in severe accidents avoiding both emotional and medical shock… they do not have fear or a sense of their own mortality. They are simply too drunk to die.

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Alcohol: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

September 21, 2009

Original pick by wilhei55 under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

A hat tip and thank you to TDA researcher Norm for spotting this story!

Stephen M. Magyarosi pulled over on a side road because he was feeling sleepy but accidently got his truck stuck on a set of railroad tracks. Not wanting to bother law enforcement or the people in nearby houses, he decided to take a nap in the nearby woods instead of asking for help. While asleep, a freight train struck his vehicle.

“I thought about it,” he said, “but I didn’t think about it enough.”

The news story doesn’t mention it, but to most of us in recovery it is obvious that the man was drunk. It’s common for our society to conveniently omits or purposely avoid mentioning the huge role alcohol plays in the majority of failures, accidents, and crimes.

Whether it is a business failed, school dropout, divorce proceedings, lost job, broken foot, mysterious disappearance or just simply having no money- in many cases the facts don’t add up because there is a missing piece to the puzzle. Alcohol.

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Drink Beer, Rocket to Space, and Prepare for Nudity

July 3, 2009

Two stories I heard on the radio while traveling this week gelled into this post tonight. The first was about a contest being held by brewer Guinness with first prize a reserved seat aboard a Virgin Galactic space liner. No astronaut training here; it’s basically drink beer, win a trip to space. The second was this story about a cross country US Airways flight that made an emergency landing because of a naked, belligerent passenger. Not surprisingly, police say the man had been drinking at the departure airport bar among other things.

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Someone threw away a perfectly good white boy…

June 27, 2009

Someone threw away a perfectly good white boy at The Discovering AlcoholicPolice officer Scott Oliver responded to a 911 call last week to find Jeffersonville city council lawyer Larry Wilder dead drunk in his neighbor’s trash can. Mr. Wilder is not an alcoholic, but he is just one of many that will be forever hounded by a drunken incident… that he can’t even remember. Now he is “that lawyer”, the drunk one they found in the garbage can. He will be lucky if it doesn’t drive him to really drink abusively, even if it doesn’t I’m sure it will be a long time before he recovers from the embarrassment- and that is the topic I will follow-up on with tomorrow’s post.

A hundred lawyer jokes came to mind when TDA researcher Zentient sent me these links, but nothing seemed to quite fit the bill like the above scene from one of my old favorites, Men at Work.

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The Drunk Files

May 12, 2009

Tonight I’m going to pull one from the drunk file, these are relevant videos and stories I’ve favorited and saved in case unexpected events threaten to keep me from writing a regular update. On the road and a little overloaded by the real job, I can think of no better time to use one from the emergency stash. My favorites are in the first episode when the guy says “I can do this” and then in the very last when the lady asks if the police officer can be “more specific” about when the camera was recording.

These aired on TruTV which is all about shocking reality videos, but they just might as well call it drunkTV since most of the antics caught on tape are alcohol related… of course it should come to no surprise that alcohol is the common thread that runs through many acts of neglect, abuse, crime, violence, and just sheer stupidity.

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Swine Flu Air Scare Just Drunk Pigs

April 29, 2009

Photo by Chiatown - creative commons attribution license


Snakes on a plane may be a recipe for a horror movie, but two guys swilling alcohol like pigs and getting sick on a flight from Mexico in the middle of the swine flu scare turned into a real nightmare.

Two men who had too much to drink caused 117 passengers on a flight from Mexico to Maryland to wait on board after landing while health authorities checked the two for symptoms of swine flu, officials said Tuesday. ~ Fox News

How can a drunk ruin your day?  Let me count the ways, but I am sure that being quarantined for a couple of hours in an aluminum tube with a hundred other passengers and a possible deadly virus ranks in the the top ten of this list.

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PC Police: “Drunk” Term Acceptable?

April 11, 2009

Original pic by sanberdoo under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

I’ve seen this argument before regarding the political correctness of the term “drunk”. Honestly, I think the PC police have gone overboard in our society- far too often worrying about what other people say instead on concentrating on the good they could personally do. I guess in this case I might be considered to have a moral authority to give a thumbs up or down on usage of the term in question, but would rather just point out the fact that it is a descriptive term and one doesn’t have to be sick to be a drunk.

Take the season at hand; during spring break I would imagine that almost half student body might realistically merit the description- but this has nothing to do with addiction in most cases. Then there is the selfish, lying alcoholic that has bankrupted and then abandoned his family- does he deserve a politically correct label? How about the guy that just killed Nick Adenhart? The only case where I can think of the word “drunk” being used incorrectly would be to describe an alcoholic in recovery- because it is no longer descriptive.

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Race to be April’s Fool

April 1, 2009

Dumb DUIs at The Discovering Alcoholic

There is nothing funny about DUI… usually, but it is hard not to chuckle at some of these guys that didn’t quite grasp the fact that if you are driving and drunk it really doesn’t matter what you are driving. Question: Who would win the race between a motorized cooler and a go-cart bar stool? Answer: Neither, both drivers went to jail for DUI before they crossed the finish line.

The guy on the cooler could only attain a speed of about 10 mph, but with multiple DUI’s he probably won’t be going anywhere fast anyway. The turbo stool could top 30 mph, in fact, the guy driving had crashed and got arrested for DUI after calling 911 about a potential head injury. While the guy driving the stool was the most recent incident and probably would have won an actual race, I cannot help bestow the honor of April’s fool upon an old favorite- the lawnmower DUI. (notice what he says at the very end)

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Bizzaro World: NYC Transit Pays Millions to Drunk Troublemaker

February 20, 2009

DC Universe Tales of the Bizzaro World at The Discovering Alcoholic

It reads like an installment of DC Comics Tales of the Bizarro World, but this news story from CNN is the real deal.

Manhattan jury awarded $2.33 million to a man who lost his leg after drunkenly stumbling onto the path of an oncoming subway train… Smiley added that Dibble’s drunkenness did not excuse the driver, who said in a court deposition that he mistook Dibble for an inert object. “They don’t get a free pass as to why the person was on the tracks. They are trained to be able to look out for people on the tracks … and people are known to be intoxicated by night,” the lawyer said.

I know it may sound a little harsh to call the poor guy missing the leg a troublemaker, but that’s exactly what he is. He cost the transit authority money (tax payers), he’ll be the cause of a whole new round of warning signs and procedures (warning: do not place head on tracks), and he probably even cost the poor driver his job. All because he was not held accountable for his personal decision to drink himself dangerous. Talk about enabling behavior on a grand (or rather millions) scale!

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See No Evil, Drunk, Hear No Evil

February 19, 2009

I guess Japan couldn’t wait for my arrival next week to start providing fodder for the blog with Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa resigning after this seemingly drunken performance at the Rome G7 conference. Nakagawa-san slurs his words and teeters on the edge of nappy time throughout the above video, but it’s not his behavior that I find interesting. No, instead it’s the quick glimpses we get of the two officials on either side of him that are dead set on not acknowledging the fact that their boss is performing a ritual suicide of his career using a bottle instead of a knife.

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Jaoquin Phoenix Tops Farrah Fawcett on Letterman

February 14, 2009

Whiskers like Bocephus, all black like Cash- Joaquin Phoenix lived down to the legends at their worst showing up on Letterman last night so trashed that the Late Show host quipped at the interview’s end “I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight.” Slurring words and obviously confused by his surroundings, Joaquin couldn’t seem to decide whether or not the host and audience were laughing with him or at him- it wasn’t a tough call. Wrapping up the show Letterman issued an apology to Farrah Fawcett (referencing interview below) as he passed the trophy of intoxicated interviews to Jaoquin.

Lessons of River unlearned, has Joaquin opened the door to his own nest of vipers?

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