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Secondhand Alcohol Harm

August 31, 2015

I often see PSA’s on the damage caused by alcohol to the user; this one is about its effect on others. IAS – Alcohol’s Harm to Others from The Institute of Alcohol Studies on Vimeo. The numbers here in America are much larger. Our friend Lisa, over at Breaking The Cycles has a great post […]

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You Think Handcuffs Are Going to Stop This?

November 4, 2009

Stacy Goodwin is the Ohio mother shown in the video attacking Lori Osterland who was in court to face charges that she was complicit in the death of Goodwin’s daughter, 20 year-old Carri Goodwin. Alliance, Ohio, police say the Goodwin sisters and Osterland were out drinking. They believe 20-year-old Carri passed out in a car […]

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Wasted in Wisconsin

November 1, 2009

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has put together a truly excellent series that documents Wisconsin’s culture of alcohol and the pain and misery it has exacted upon the state. I have often written on the subject of What is Wrong with Wisconsin* so I thought it fitting to highlight this JS online special that focuses on […]

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The Myth of Clandestine College Drinking

September 17, 2009

Original pick by MonkeyMyshkin under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

John M. McCardell Jr., president emeritus at Middlebury College and a member of the Amethyst Initiative urges a debate on lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18 stating that by doing so would bring college drinking out in the open so it could be better managed.

The problem today is reckless, goal-oriented alcohol consumption that all too often takes place in clandestine locations, where enforcement has proven frustratingly difficult. Alcohol consumption among young adults is not taking place in public places or public view or in the presence of other adults who might help model responsible behavior. But we know it is taking place. ~ CNN Commentary

I stress the last part of his commentary there because it should be self evident that it is not only true, but also counterproductive to his stance. College students aren’t going to do anything in the presence of adults that may discourage “model” behavior- eating, drinking, sex, drugs, and music are never going to be chaperoned activities.

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Fan Can Ban?

August 21, 2009

Is Anheuser-Busch marketing Bud Light to college students with its new campaign of NCAA football team colored “Fan Cans”? Some university officials think so, but AB says it aimed only at those of legal drinking age. Actually I think it would be kind of hard to separate the two, kind of like shooting a shotgun into a crowd- you are bound to hit more than just the intended target. I tend to agree with the WSJ story where I first saw this story and MyFoxBoston who provided the video that in reality schools may be more concerned about trademark violations and sports revenue than underage drinking though.

In recent letters, the University of Michigan’s lawyers threatened legal action for alleged trademark infringement, demanding that Anheuser-Busch not sell the “maize and blue” cans in the “entire state.” The University of Colorado, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M University and Boston College have also told the company to stop distribution near their campuses, citing trademark issues and concern about student alcohol use. ~ WSJ

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Milan’s Minimum Drinking Age: Meglio Tardi Che Mai

July 18, 2009

Milan’s Minimum Drinking Age at The Discovering Alcoholic

Milan has imposed the first comprehensive minimum drinking law in Italy banning anyone under the age of sixteen. Stiff fines are promised for those caught drinking or enabling the now illegal behavior. Considering the rising problem of binge drinking and alcoholism among the Italian youth, I would say it’s meglio tardi che mai (better late than never).

In Milan, 34 percent of 11-year-olds have had problems with alcohol, the municipality said in a statement. Overall, 22.4 percent of boys aged 11-18 and 13 percent of girls in Italy have drinking habits that pose a health risk, according to the National Observatory for Alcohol. ~ AP

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Binge Drinking by Teens – World Wide Statistics Suggest Lowering the Drinking Age Doesn’t Help

July 14, 2009

Thank you author and speaker Lisa Frederiksen of Breaking the Cycles for this regular series sharing her decades long experience of dealing with family alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Click here to see the rest of the series.

Breaking the Cycles at The Discovering Alcoholic

One of the areas covered in the U.S. Surgeon General’s 2007 Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking is a presentation of data from the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Drugs, 2003, on binge drinking by European students ages 15-16. As you likely have read, there is an effort by American university and college presidents, called the Amethyst Initiative, that urges a debate on lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18. The belief is that a lower drinking age will remove the temptation to binge drink because alcohol consumption would be legal for students at age 18 (i.e., no need to drink as much as possible when an occasion arises because access will be legal and readily available).

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Hooray Beer!

April 7, 2009

In addition to helping white people dance, Pamela J Story from the BCACD reminds us during the April Alcohol Awareness Month that alcohol also kills more teenagers than all other drugs combined.

Hooray Beer! Doesn’t sound as good when I say it… maybe it’s my accent?

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Eight Days Dry and Counting

February 12, 2009

Promoted to the front page from the user blogs. I want to thank my friend Jasmine for her contributions. You can find her previous postings here at Jasmine’s blog.

Original pic by Aurimas Rimsa now at The Discovering Alcoholic

This site has been an integral part of my recovery process. I discovered it eight days ago during my last night of drunkenness. A solo bender. A bottoming out. A month of straight almost nightly drinking–something I somehow thought I deserved (the escape) and spruced up with pseudo-spiritual intentions, candles burning and constant painting and collage-making. But really I was feeding a disease I had known I had for a long time. I knew it and had every reason to know it, but I rationalized that I began drinking late and didn’t drink daily and didn’t ever really crave it. But when I drank it was to get drunk and I never knew how to limit myself like other people. I have even wound up in the hospital for alcohol-related injuries but still thought I had the right to drink, like everyone else.

The past eight days have been easier to get through than I would have imagined. I have a lot on my side–an understanding of naturopathic healing and a love of healthy cooking for instance. I also have more free time than usual.

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Secret Female Alcoholism

February 10, 2009

Original Pic by Gotplaid at The Discovering Alcoholic

Experts say that having more than one drink a day could lead to problems with alcohol, warning this may hold especially true for women who are “more prone genetically to the ill effects of alcoholism.”

”Many women who have more than one drink a day or two glasses of wine a day could be experiencing symptoms related to alcohol use, even though drinking two glasses of wine a day, no one might think, `I have an alcohol problem,'” said Dr. Lee Tannenbaum, Belair Center for Addictions. Dr. Tannenbaum calls the disorder “secret female alcoholism.” ~

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My absolute fear of sobriety

February 3, 2009

Promoted to the front page not from the user blogs but actually the comments section because this has way too many good topics not to serve as a full blog post. I felt a short reply would be inadequate so I will respond tomorrow evening with a blog of my own. Thanks (anonymous)! (The blindfold pic is representative of a Thomas Jefferson quote I thought appropriate for the post, care to guess?)

Original photo by foxtongue now at The Discovering Alcoholic

Hello and thank-you.

I have been reading your site for the past three hours. It is 23h26 in the major metropolitan city I live in. I am totally inspired and encouraged as I drink my beer and smoke the last of my hash. I am planning on going out soon to buy one more beer before its too late despite the fact I already have more in the fridge, but maybe not enough, and I am trying to avoid realizing I want more at a time when it is too late. This is where I am right now. For a while throughout my now one month bender I have been telling myself that I will stop tomorrow and then don’t, of course.

I am kinda the “functioning” type. That is, I just finished three years at one of Europe’s oldest and finest universities with high honors AND in a foreign language and have one more paper to write before receiving the honor of a diploma in its name. Because of these studies and of the professional and/or menial labor I am obliged to perform in order to stay sheltered, fed and wasted, I have been able to keep my addiction under control more or less. This one month bender was born out of my thinking that I have some free time (after a six week intensive theater job ended)…the first few days it felt good to just sit around and get high, dancing and painting and unwinding. But it has been a month now and I’m scared.
I drink alone. Mostly.

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Quantity, not quality…and don’t forget access.

December 9, 2008

Original photo by Julia Azcona now at The Discovering Alcoholic

Quantity, not quality. It’s was a catch phrase of mine from high school on until my drinking progressed out of the social arena and into the shameful, but necessary solitary ritual. I didn’t by alcohol for the taste, no thoughts of savoring the moment; my alcohol purchases were all about volume. But once dependence set in the phrase no longer rang exactly true. It wasn’t so much about getting the greatest “bang” for the buck as it was maintaining availability and accessibility.

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This Is Not Me

December 3, 2008

We’re a very good family. This shouldn’t happen.” ~ Lois Feldman

Original Photo by Alejandra Mavroski at The Discovering AlcoholicPeople for the most part think of occasional alcohol abuse as sort of a victimless misdeed with repercussions that might involve an empty wallet, sick day at work, or a pounding headache. Much like alcoholism though, its is not just the act of drinking that causes the real problems, not just the drinker that gets hurt, and the suffering can continue long after the alcohol has worn off.

Take Lois Feldman for example. She is a church going 38 year-old married mother of three- a self described light drinker. Now before you click “Read more” to continue this post, try to imagine this woman as your wife or your mother.

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Catastrophic Results for Election Night (Drinking Games)

November 4, 2008

I had a hard time concentrating on a recovery topic during the final night of election mania so I combined the two. As you can see from the very helpful Google gadget you can track the election results by race, state, and county of your choice right here on TDA. On the addiction and recovery side, those of you planning to do the traditional election drinking games as described here, here, and here I have a little advice:

Regardless of the election outcome binge drinking will only assure that you miss it. Alcohol will bring no solace to the losers, only more pain and neither will it bring more joy to the victors, only potential trouble. So please, stay here at TDA- safe and sober to experience in full awareness this momentous night. If a few decades down the road someone asks where you were on the night of election 08’, hopefully you will not have to say I don’t remember or that you were watching extreme wrestling at the county jail drunk tank!

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The Application of a Rough Truth

June 8, 2008

Hat Tip and thanks to TDA reader Norman for the heads up on this one!
In Britain, the Drug and Alcohol Service of London (DASL) has launched a campaign against binge drinking targeting women by appealing to one of the less noble human qualities, vanity. Lord Lytton once said, “There is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth”… and anyone who has woke up after a hard night drinking and looked in the mirror can surely attest to this fact.

The rough truth of the matter is that people who abuse alcohol not only have to battle the physical effects of harmful drinking, but also the damage that accompanies this kind of lifestyle. Sleep deprivation, cuts and abrasions, poor hygiene, and stress are just a few of the accompanying features of substance abuse to add to the DASL’s warning that, “Apart from a stinking hangover, it warns women they will also be more prone to wrinkles, bad skin, hair loss and weight gain if they knock back too much booze.”

They even created an application that allows you to upload your picture to simulate the effects of prolonged alcohol abuse. So I took advantage of this application to run a little scientific test myself. I ran two of my favorite female celebrities, both with substance abuse problems, through the program. Care to guess who is in recovery and who is not?

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