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June 2, 2016

That’s how many people die from drug overdoses every day, and to highlight that number, the Addiction Policy Forum website will be featuring a story a day by families and friends that have lost someone to addiction for the next 129 days.  The campaign started 2 weeks ago and you can catch up on the individual stories here!129-stories/llnaf. […]

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Sober Toolbox Additions

May 10, 2016

Sometimes, it’s fun to go back in time… but not too far back.  The best from the past without any fluff.  All these posts are from the summer of ’09. Go ahead and hit play. There Was No Sign – Oh, there will be a sign… but it wont be a peppy song. Headed Toward Treatment? – […]

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The Brent Shapiro Foundation

April 9, 2016

While binge watching American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson today,  I was so mezmerized with John Travolta’s characterization of Robert Shapiro, I wanted to find out more about the attorney in real life, and after googling for more info found an interesting factoid that fits in with TDA here. Most people over 40 know Shapiro was the […]

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Self-Help Sunday

April 3, 2016

I ran across a great post on Quartz that was reprinted from LinkedIn: Almost everyone who is unhappy with life is unhappy for the same reasons If you will read, you will immediately see how it can be helpful in recovery.  In brief, it’s all about setting expectations, thinking positive, and being realistic. Your expectations, more than […]

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March 20, 2016

M.A.D.D. might be a good deterrent for drunken drivers.  But what about M.A.D. – Mutually Assured Destruction; that’s the worst case scenario of drunken or drug-fueled destruction.  The Air Force is investigating and has removed from their posts 14 airmen at a nuclear missile base in Wyoming for alleged illegal drug use, in some cases […]

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My Last Photo on Shatterproof

February 22, 2016

Most recovery oriented websites and blogs were started by people who have experienced addiction first hand. They always share their personal story and sometimes a photo. Originally known as Brian’s Wish, Shatterproof was founded in 2012 by Gary Mendell, whose son, Brian, died at age 25 in 2011 after a long struggle with addiction. The […]

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Bye, Bye, Love & 42 Pounds of Poison

February 6, 2016

Goodbye Happiness.  When the best case scenario is numb feet and the worst case is losing your kids. One of the most interesting and harrowing documentaries on the dangers of abusing alcohol.  Brought to you by the BBC. FYI – 3 stones equal 41.96 lbs.

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The Kernel – The Addictions Issue

February 1, 2016

Do yourself a favor and check out this week’s issue of The Kernel over at the DailyDot. Interesting articles on addictions of all kinds – including substance abuse.    

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Recovery Road – New Teen Drama About Rehab

January 23, 2016

The ABC Family Channel rebranded and transformed itself into the FreeForm Channel this month in an attempt to gain a new audience who may have viewed the original name as being too family friendly and expected offerings to be tame or worse – boring. Recovery Road is one of their first new original programs to […]

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Twin Peaks Hangover Cure

January 8, 2016

I am a Twin peaks fan but don’t remember this one. Found via Dangerous Minds

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What Does A Promise Look Like?

January 2, 2016

This was on my Medium reader today and I thought I would share as the first post of a new year. What I learned from not drinking for two years – by Andy Boyle It’s a retelling of the story people in AA call The Promises.   I post here to demonstrate how the results of quitting […]

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The Ultimate Party Host Challenge

December 8, 2015

Great article from The Cut about how to entertain party guests without alcohol – just in time for all the holiday parties in season for the next few weeks. From The Ultimate Hostess Challenge: Entertaining People Who Don’t Drink, By Jamie Lauren Keiles :   We non-drinkers are legion, and we come from all walks […]

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Scott Weiland R.I.P.

December 5, 2015

Unfortunately Scott Weiland was as famous for being a drug addict as he was for being the lead singer of two great bands, the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.  He goes now to the great gig in the sky… I hope. He tried many times to get his demons under control, succeeding at taming them for brief periods, but sadly, in the end […]

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I Am Chris Farley

December 1, 2015

I caught the new documentary about comedian and Saturday Night Live star Chris Farley on Spike TV over the holiday weekend and despite the way it glosses over the ugly side of his addictions, its worth a watch if you can catch it for free like I did. Claiming to be the “definitive biographical film” about the […]

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Addiction and Terrorism

November 18, 2015

Anytime I hear of an outrageously stupid or atrociously inhumane act; I automatically wonder if substance abuse is a factor; and almost always I am proven right.  People who do these things have to be imbalanced, mentally ill, or demonic for my world view to be right; and there is no better pathway or conduit to those states of being – than substance […]

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