Can’t Feel My Face

by Screedler on January 5, 2016

I like to keep up with new music, but I generally stay away from pop music, the music you hear on terrestrial radio and made popular by our youth.  Looking at a Billboard Top 40, and I do time from time; I might have heard four or five of the songs.  If a title I don’t know sounds interesting, I might click for a sample, but usually not.

I had heard this one a couple of times and thought to myself “Well that is the stupidest chorus I have ever heard” and just shook my head.  I do recognize that kid’s taste in music these days is probably as weird to me as mine was to my parents, but I mentioned how dumb I thought this one was to a couple that I work with on the weekends.  That’s when I learned what this song is about.

It may not be White Rabbit or Magic Carper Ride, but it’s proof positive drug inspired popular music is alive and well.  I would wager that my classics still have had more ear time logged by shear longevity; but will say almost a half billion views on YouTube is nothing to sneeze about.  Or snort about.

The singer catching on fire at the end is a nice but terrifying homage to a certain comedian from my day they knew nothing about.  So we both had things to learn; a best case scenario for this old-timer.  Do you know what this song is about?  Here’s a clue:

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1 Blake C February 2, 2016 at 12:06 pm

What kind of scares me is the number of young followers and fans that Miley Cyrus has. A lot of her newer songs romanticize drug use and for all the young ones that think she is “cool” will think what she is doing is “cool” too. Then they will try to be “cool” like Miley and thus resulting in a drug-fueled Miley Cyrus fan club. That may be a little dramatic but my point is accurate. She writes songs only about smoking marijuana. I don’t doubt that she is talented, has a great voice, and is a marketing genius (or at least a team of marketing geniuses) but artists should worry a little bit more about the powerful influence they have on young listeners. Especially someone like Miley who started on the Disney channel as Hannah Montana. My fear is that she developed a huge following then and those people remained fans now, mimicking Miley’s growth into a floor humping, drug glorifying young adult.

-Blake C


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