Cansei de Ser Sexy – Drugs, Alcohol, and Hangovers

by Screedler on April 15, 2016

What’s better than a song by a Brazilian girl band that crafts pop tunes around our subject matter here – three songs. The first one caught me with the “music is my drug” lyric, the second one for it’s title, and the third a logical ending for the trilogy called “Hangover”.

CSS (an initialism of Cansei de Ser Sexy) is a Brazilian rock band from São Paulo. The band was labeled as part of the explosion of the new rave scene. Their songs are in both English and Portuguese. Cansei de Ser Sexy (Portuguese: [kɐ̃ˈsej d(ʒi)seʁ ˈsɛksi], [kɐ̃ˈseɪ̯ dʒɪ seɾ ˈsɛksi] in São Paulo) literally translates as “I got tired of being sexy”.
CSS came to wider attention when their song “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” was used in a worldwide television commercial by Apple Inc. for the iPod. Due to the song’s exposure in the United States, it charted at number sixty-three on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the highest-charting single in the United States by a Brazilian band to date.

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