Bread, Milk, Beer and Methadone

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 7, 2010

Above is a simple Google graphic for my local weather. Just the meteorologists predicting a freezing rain tomorrow changing to snow in the evening is enough for preemptive school closings and businesses to plan on production halts. It’s the ice here in the South that causes the trouble. With limited sand and salt for the roads, ill-prepared rural and urban power lines, and drivers that freak at the sight of a flake officials have learned the best emergency plan is just to tell everyone to stay home. The lessons learned in 1993 when the “storm of the century” crippled the South have not been forgotten.

I’ve got relatives in the grocery business; they say the shelves are empty of bread and milk even after the extra deliveries. That’s what normal people do, stock up on the necessities and staples in case they become housebound. Alcoholics and addicts of course have different priorities. I remember in the 93 storm, me and a fellow whose family owned an establishment that served alcohol hiked several miles across town to break into the alcohol stock because our BAC had dropped dangerously low. I would have walked 100 miles… barefoot if necessary. One of my good friends at the clinic where I volunteer says that he once spent the night in the parking lot during his early recovery scared that the roads would ice over and he would have to go without methadone. Like I said, priorities.

Unfortunately for those not in recovery, this hoarding instinct doesn’t clear up with the weather. It’s routine if not a full time job for alcoholics and addicts- always making sure they don’t run out of the necessities.

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