Belated Bowie Birthday

by Screedler on January 11, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday to David Bowie who turned 69 last week.  Bowie was afraid he would not make it to age 30 due to cocaine addiction ; which he kicked around the time this video was made.  He is one of my favorite artists and this is one of my favorite songs.   This performance aired live on SNL on December 15th of 1979.

The man who sold the world – David Bowie from klara traveler on Vimeo

Bowie was born on Jan 8, 1947 and said the strength to get clean came from a desire to be closer with his son Duncan Jones (a.k.a Zowie Bowie),  now famous in his own right as a film director.

Bowie has just released his 20th album that has no name,  just the pictogram of a black star ★.  Just think how much music and art we would have missed had he “died alone… a long, long time ago” from drugs.  With as many years after sobriety as before and now almost 70, he can still make art that garners millions of views.


TDA factoid – The above SNL performance featured a rare live American TV appearance of Klaus Nomi as one of Bowie’s backup singers.  He was very well known in New York at the time and an associate of Andy Warhol.  Klaus died of complications from AIDs just a few years later in 1983.  Seeking info on The Factory was the catalyst for the whole post after watching Men in Black 3 this weekend, a great entry for the now trilogy.

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