And The Award Goes To…

by Screedler on June 10, 2016

This fellow, for “Breathalyzer Performance at a Drunk Driving Check Point”.  I bet this happens to police around the world all the time. In China, they take drunk driving even more serious than we do; the legal limit in China is .02%.  A BAC of over .08% (most states in the USA) can result in up to 3 years imprisonment and 5 years license suspension.    Via Dangerous Minds:

Meet 33-year-old Xu who was pulled over by Shenzhen City police for allegedly drinking and driving. Xu is no one’s fool, so he decided to pull a fast one on the cops by only pretending to blow into the breathalyzer. This led to multiple attempts—all caught on video—of the police painstakingly trying to get a proper reading. Now you don’t need to speak Chinese to understand that Xu is absolutely refusing to follow the officer’s orders. He’s sly as a fox. Why hasn’t anyone else ever thought of this clever ruse? Drunks.

Xu’s face gets more and more exaggerated every time he blows into the breathalyzer. It’s pretty hilarious.

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