Alkynaut: Rock Bottom is a Long Way Down

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 16, 2009

Alkynaut: Rock Bottom is a Long Way Down at The Discovering Alcoholic

Today marks forty years since the blast off of Apollo 11 that sent Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins on a journey to the moon. Even today the feat still is considered the epitome of man’s achievements; what can one aspire to after achieving such lofty heights? Not a rhetorical question for the now recovering alcoholic Buzz Aldrin who has penned a memoir of his meteoric fall from grace in Magnificent Desolation.

In addition to offering my sincere congratulations to all the Apollo 11 crew for their achievements and longevity, I would like to make two points about addiction. First, Mr. Aldrin is an extremely accomplished man; cadet, fighter pilot, scientist, and one of only twelve people ever to set foot on our moon, his long struggle with alcoholism and depression is testimony to the fact that addiction can strike anyone regardless of their strength, intelligence, and strength of will. Secondly, regardless of what has happened in the past whether it be astounding success or gripping failure, there is always something to look forward to in recovery.

Here’s a TDA salute to the whole Apollo 11 crew… but especially to Buzz- the aptly named alkynaut who has shown us that recovery is the ultimate journey!!

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