Drinking in the Morning

by The Discovering Alcoholic on May 21, 2010

I was asked to write a post about AM drinking but realized it already existed… so I’m breathing life back into this old post from 2007.

Drinking in the morning. I wish it were a metaphor for waking up and enjoying the dawning of a new day, but this is The Discovering Alcoholic so you better change the channel quickly if you are looking for a breakfast cereal commercial. Now I am not talking about drinking on a lark or as a little hair of the dog; nope, I am talking the necessary alcohol intake to subdue the shakes and build the confidence to face another sunrise.

Looking back at the progression of my disease, it was when I began drinking in the morning that I figured out I was in trouble and subsequently became ashamed and secretive. When I first started the morning libation it was usually hot beer. It’s kind of funny to me when I see people’s reaction to this, “Drink in the morning? Hot beer!” but there was a method to my madness.

In my early days of alcoholism I almost always shared living space with several others, so being secretive about my drinking I couldn’t just grab a cold one out of the fridge. Normally I just kept a half case or so under the bed or in the closet and would have two or three warm ones to get moving. Paradoxically, the surge of in my blood alcohol content often produced enough confidence to shun my duties for the day and nudged my rationalization muse into action to inspire another day of drinking. Eventually beer lacked sufficient AM punch and I moved on to vodka. With the switch to vodka I stilled try to remain discrete, but the need to drink was strong enough by this time that shame was no barrier.

There are endless tests and surveys to do online to test whether or not you are an alcoholic. DUI’s, fights, and blackouts may be indicators, but they may just point to abuse. Not just a desire, but the need to drink in the morning so you can face the day is almost an absolute sign of alcoholism. Unfortunately, by the time we have begun drinking in the mornings there’s really no need for a test… alcoholism has already been accepted.

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