Alcohol Plays Lead Role in McNair’s Death

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 6, 2009

Alcohol Plays Lead Role in McNair’s Death at The Discovering Alcoholic

Ex-NFL star Steve McNair and his girlfriend were found dead in his Nashville condo over the weekend. McNair had been shot four times, twice in the head, and his girlfriend Sahel Kazemi suffered one gunshot to the head possibly self-inflicted. There may be a lot more to this story including a jealous boyfriend and a mysterious time lapse between the time the bodies were discovered and the police were notified- but one thing is for sure, like many violent deaths the whole sordid mess was soaked in alcohol.

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Two days before their deaths McNair and girlfriend were pulled over by police. Both intoxicated- she was charged with DUI and he took a cab home. Police say Sahel explained there was a “hookah situation”; my guess is that she was too stoned to remember she had been also drinking. Somehow later that night she managed to purchase the handgun allegedly used in the murder-suicide, another mystery. At least from what I can tell, neither really had a chance over the next 48 hours to sober up as they were reportedly bar hopping until the wee hours of the morning Saturday- then bang, bang.

Yes, I know that some may have a problem calling this an alcohol related death- but not me for the following reasons. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, sometimes necessary in the whole infidelity routine (did I mention McNair is married with 4 kids), in other words he may have chosen a better path. Long term intoxication can lead to varying degrees of psychosis, psycho that is… and don’t forget to add depression to this list. The lifestyle that usually accompanies heavy drinking- well let’s just say that bars, drunk driving, and cheating on your spouse aren’t exactly considered non-contact sports.

But more than anything, alcohol impairs one’s decision making capability and motor functions, both necessary for the all important fight or flight response that would have normally protected a pro football athlete from a girl barely out of her teens.

Not exactly good material for the next Super Bowl beer ads is it?

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